Plant is stretched like crazy!

Both my girls are the same age but, the one is way bigger and seems to be budding slower. Any ideas?

Also, do I start my “flowering cycle” the day I flip my lights or the day I start to see signs of budding?

The day pistils appear at the tips of the plant. It takes about a week to 10-days from the flip before pistils appear.

Our human siblings grow at different rates as well.

Using the human analogy again - not all girls will reach puberty at the same time either.


If they get to tall, they can be super cropped at this early stage. I was advised to do on my current out of control Apple Betty’s and I’m glad I got the advice.


Yeah I did that, now those parts are getting tall themselves lol


I feel your pain!

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@Unexpected those look great!!

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Lmao. Had to crop my runtz 2 times. Just wouldnt stop. Once before flip then about a week after flip. She just shot straight up. Freaked me out cause I was blasting her with light to keep her shorter.

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Thank you, just starting to have some humidity challenges do to the chaos. Doing a big defoliation this week. Hope this will reduce some headaches.

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Try to leave as much canopy as can. Defoliate the interior. You will see a humidity rise…especially at night…as they sweat. I just create a little more negative pressure and can get a 10%-20% drop at times. Rh is not something i stress a lot unless REALLY high…75%or better in flower…if there is good air exchange and good air movement in tent. More good fans producing energy for the girl is better than putting light directly on a bud. I have found she will defoliate herself. This whole tent I have only pulled yellow and dead. They pruned themselves. I only cleaned interior and bottom.

The middle plants are gelato. They are being stage harvested. First half came off friday. Bottom comes down next friday.

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Girls are looking crazy!! Processing: 15502945-D332-4E16-A6B6-D9FC722F34CD.jpeg…
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Check out all the bud sites!!


How’s she growin’ these days, brother?

Just got a new tent but lost all my seeds! I have no idea where they went or what to do now!:disappointed::disappointed::heart:

If that isn’t the most relatable sentence in the history of the world.

If you’re up for some fem seeds, I might be able to hook you up with some Peanut Butter Breath crosses.

Your plants weren’t ready to harvest that fast???

I lost the last harvest to mites! They ate my girls all to shit!:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:. And I would absolutely love some seeds brother! Do you need my address?

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They were doing really good and then out of nowhere the leaves started to get these spots on them and they just went from there, I was heartbroken. I started those plants while Melissa was still here​:disappointed::sob:

Do you need my address again??

First name J, right? I still have it if that’s true. :v: