Plant is snapping tops off

Doing LST. 2nd day I have checked on the ladies and she is snapping tops off. Am I putting the point of resistance to close to the end of the stem? She is fine when the LST is complete. It’s like the branch is raising throughout the light period and at some point it’s too much resistance and it splits and tears to the point there is no saving. Just hanging on by a small thread of plant matter.

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Need pictures. No idea what your issue is…

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I’ll snap one when I get off work… or what’s left

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So the bud sites on the stem. Stretching, growing with new developing leafs and etc. I bend it down. Put the tie on it. When I check the next day. She has dug into the tie so much trying to raise up instead of out that it decapitates itself (the bud site/new growth/tip)

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Sounds like the plant has hardened off. You can still do LST but more slowly and let the plant recover before adding more tension. Just exercise caution. You might also look for wider ties to spread the load.


Thank you. I’ve been adding a removing the ties as it extendeds out. Might leave them instead of removing to help hold her down

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I’d still like to see a photo. Sounds like strong plants.


After… The 2 spots that self decapitated are circled

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After you do LST, the plant will NOT grow out, they will ALWAYS grow up towards the light… that’s what they do.