Plant is ready to harvest, but colas are still white

I have grown quite a few strains. I am currently growing Zkittlez and 2 of the 3 has gotten red hairs. One of them still has nothing bbut white hairs. What went wrong? Is there a problem? Can I still smoke it? Trichomes are cloudy with some amber. This plant is currently at 9 weeks of flower and is an Autoflower.


Good looking plant!!!

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They were all planted at the same time. But that one plant continues to get white hairs while the others look done and they have plenty of tricomes. Should I let the other just keep going?


You trichomes are all cloudy and some amber I’d take em now. The hell with the white hairs. The longer you wait the more amber you’ll get. Spray some h202 on the hairs they’ll turn brown, lol. That’s just my opinion. :sunglasses:


Thanks. I read somewhere that the light intensity needed for an photoperiod is higher than a auto. I had them all in the tent together. I had the PPFD staged for 1500 and the other 2 plants were off to the back whereas this one was rather close. I know they say to keep autos no higher than 1000 ppfd. I wonder if this could be the issue. I will lower the lights for a week and see if this makes an impact. A post on reddit said they tried this and the hairs rapidly turned red. Fingers crossed and I will update the post with results.

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I’m far from expert. Hell I’m far from a novice in the growing world. Cultivating my first ever grow now. Well except growing some bag beans back in the early 90’s. That died very soon after sprouts. LMFAOOOOOOO. But yours look amazing! nice buds. But I’ll definitely be following this post for the right answers.

Fox tails and due to lighting intensity or genetics. Way too high Grow Bro even for CO2. Set your PPFD around 800-850 or a DLI of around 40
-45 during flower. Their ugly but harmless other than killing the show quality of the bud. Trim them off and harvest the plant with the others and smoke it or make edibles/oil :love_you_gesture:

They look F’in beautiful my friend, awesome job!:wink:

Plant looks good. I would say you need to make sure your amber is real. Without good magnification it’s hard to tell. Tint is different than a micro scope

I say let me keep going if healthy. How many weeks into flower?

This is my first grow. Harvested 6 plants kinda early. Way early. Early. And close. Your yield would be light. And effects not intense when harvested early. Even with proper dry and cure.

I say Keep ‘em growing grower

Just saw the 9 weeks at beginning.

I still say let ‘em grow.

Yeah I say they have a week or so. I do have a microscope and check once a week right now… I chopped one that was ready. The last two I will keep pushing. It’s funny same seeds produce such a variety. I will post a picture of her sister right next to her so you can see the difference. I will say in 2 days the pistils have redden a little.
Photo_2023-08-21 07_47_32_612
Photo_2023-08-21 07_47_13_260

I have a little hand held. Can’t get pictures yet.

I would say you got some time on the magnified picture. Maybe 2 weeks. But once they get really milky they will go amber quick.

Also. I read someone’s post that had a dehumidifier exhaust blowing directly on a plant. I think it did same thing. Grower had like 6 plants. And only one had leave issues like yours. They relocated and it began to resolve, the issue.

It will be smokeable! I have a much faith

Invest in one from Amazon. Very affordable got this one for $35

Color me impressed. So I posted about 3 days ago. Got some great feedback. Found the issue here and resolve on reddit. It seems like it may have been fox tails. The resolve to turn the lights down to 700 ppfd or 25% worked. The pistils after 3 days have redden. I don’t recommend trimming the hairs, but this worked great. I gave her a trim up and she’s beautiful!

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