Plant is growing , slowly as of 9-19-2021, planted 9-2-2021

White Widow auto /Ok , it’s slowly growing maybe three to four inches tall and has about 3-4 leaves. I have it 70-71 F, and about 65 humidity. I have a question about water PH balance. What should it be? I upgraded my light too.I bought some mylar and replaced the entire clear cover with it. So it’s getting alot more light, but not hot. Temps are steady. I have been trying to make I dont over water as well. Basically I want to make sure I have the right PH balance. I have a Apera PH20 ph tester. I have the light schedule 18/6 on a timer.

Thanks ,

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Got a pic SatchBoggie? Also what medium are you growing in, that’s important for optimum PH and when nutrients will be needed :love_you_gesture:

Medium? It’s in a Mylar tent in a 3 gallon bag. Fox Farm soil. I’ll work on a pic soon.


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It’s very green, no wilting. I just expected it to be bigger by now.

Medium as what’s she growing in soil, coco. I see the FF but what line. I use all of their mediums and they come preloaded with nutrients to carry the plant with PH’d water only. FF ocean forest being the hotter of their growing mediums, coco loco next the Happy Frog.

Age of her will help as well :love_you_gesture:

Fox Farm Ocean Forest.

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Good stuff but the hotter as in PPMS of nutrients in it. That will carry her to around week 5-6 with water only. That’s above ground after a 12 day seedling period. Some strains eat more and some less for a lack of better words. Do you have a PH and TDS pen for testing run off? This will let you know what the FFOF has for nutrients during the growth stages and when to add nutrients

I have a Apera PH20 ph tester.

It just seems like it should have grown bigger after a couple of weeks. It’s still kinda small.

I would start with getting the temps up. Temps should be around 77 degrees. Ph in soil should be 6.5.

Here’s a photo


Is she about 8-10 days above ground? If so, looks on track. She’ll start really growing around week 2 that’s after 12-14 days of seedling growth. The 1st 2 weeks is slow.

Taken yesterday. These are almost 4 weeks from sprout. Girl Scouts Cookies Extreme Auto and Poison Berry Auto. They’ll shoot off her in the next week or two. I think they’re like 5 days older than yours. One has been beat up by my cat multiple times, but still hanging in there. Happy growing and good luck!!

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