Plant is flowering in week 5, what to do?

A question of a fellow grower:
Hello, I am about 5 weeks into growing my first round of your seeds and everything is going well, but I think my plants are starting to flower and it is only week 5. I ordered the mixed beginner pack and the plants look great. I have them on a 20 hours on 4 hours off schedule but it looks like they are flowering? I am enclosing a few pics of my ak-47 and White widow. Please help!

That plant in pic is definitely flowering. May have got some autos instead of photo?

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I agree with @Midwestnewbie only explanation with that light schedule


Not stated plainly, but, from the hours and appearance…these plants are auto’s.
They have a faster shorter growth pattern. Flowering at 3 weeks is a good thing.
IF you want to accelerate the process…drop hours to 12/12. Some will go 18/6.
It all depends on what you decide to do.
Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

Thanks everyone for your responses! Those are my little girls I think you all are correct. I am enclosing a pic of the seeds that were sent. Can anyone tell me if these are auto seeds from the packaging? I did order auto seeds but will try to make the best of it!

Thanks again everyone who responded. I’m new to this community and growing in general so I greatly appreciate all the help and support!


Please remove the picture as it gives Customs ideas…it’s against policy at ILGM.

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what is against ILGM policy? To post pictures?

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The packaging of seeds and any indication of how they were shipped. Please remove the picture.

I order the same thing… And my bubblegum was auto.(ilgm gave me free replacement)
…im wondering if my ak and widow are autos as well and not photo.

each seed packet is labeled with specific stock number. ask the seller.