Plant is flowering & appears to have balls growing in a few spots

Super silver haze sprouted 6/23
Used coast of Maine soil., rain water, nutrients weekly. Noticed she started to flower about 5days ago, when checking on her yesterday I noticed some balls on center stalk and a few more on branches not a lot, but enough to make me worry. I’ve read that heat can be a stressor,& cause a plant to be hermi.
I’m looking for tips recommendations, anything! Should I just move the plant far away? Or remove/cut/burn it?

Whoops, there he is…

Destroy it with extreme prejudice.

If you have other plants (or even neighbors with other plants), put a garbage bag over it carefully before even cutting him down…

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Already done that. Covered with a trash bag and removed. Maybe we stressed it. Maybe it’s been too hot. Not sure what happened and hated to get rid of it. But I have others around it.


Burn him! He’s a witch!