Plant is fading

After a good start plant is Fading, Mid August 42°N. Super lemon haze.
I’ve researched and closest thing I can find is calcium deficiency.
Any ideas?

Hard to tell what the problem might be (if any) based on a pic of a couple leaves. Can you please post pics of the full plant and give us some details about your grow?


Deatails are in description,
Ive fed miracle grow a couple times and put Jobe veg sticks in bottom of hole before I transplanted early June.
I have other plants from same shipment of seeds growing in a clearing in my woodlot that are thriving. This is in a more open area.

Instead of typical dog day afternoon weather, it’s been cool and wet. Today instead of being in the 90’s with blazing sun it’s 67 cloudy and can feel moisture in the air.
Been like this for a good chunk of August so far.