Plant is exhibiting problems


A question from a fellow grower:

Hoping you can help me. Last year I bought purple haze seeds from you guys through my sister. Through many trials I have finally gotten one to grow plus I’ve been concentrating on my white widow also bought from you, anyway my problem is this my plant has start to exhibit problems I have attached a photo can you please tell me what you think the problem is and how I fix it thank you.

Strain: feminized white widow
Soil (miracle grow potting soil
System type: don’t know.
Ph or runoff solution in reservoir. No.
Nutrient mix: none.
1 light (sodium halide 400watts.
Temps: day =78 night =72
No ventilation system
Just recently added a humidifier after the problem existed
Co2 no.
I am a beginner grower but a chronic smoker. I’ve answered the questions to the best of my knowledge

I have checked the ph balance
And it is right in the middle at 7 am article you wrote sad the like it more acidic
So I bought some peat moss and have been adding a little at a time to lower the ph


My suspect would be Magnesium but if you are running no product lines could be a list of possibles