Plant is drooping more now!

I don’t know what’s wrong?

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Can you get a picture of them in natural light and if you could fill this out

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Humidity %? Day vs. night

Light system/watts/lumens/FLUX/PAR?

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Are those spots on the leaves? The dropping leaves may be overwatering. A light picture may be nice. I see also some areas that has dark green, and eventually they will turn out spots that look like burn or nuts splashed on leaves.


I figured out the problem it just needed a bit of water now she’s all perked up and what’s crazy is I can smell the weed if I get close to her


No nutes have been used yet and I misted them with water before I took pics so that’s why there’s drops on her @Monique

Glad you got it under control. If you need anythin just holler

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You can bet on it @Hawkeye_diesel take care man :v:t2:

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You too brother

Remeber…under watering and over watering show the same defienceny. They look the same.
thought i would let you know that



Yea I was scared I overwatered and I went out of town for the day and told my buddy to just let them dry out a little. Considering the size of them do you think I can give her an actual watering? I stuck my finger down there and she felt dry what would you advise I do? @garrigan62

by drooping the way she was she was asking you for water so ya give her some…just don’t over do it…ok


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Alright so I should probably just water until runoff or no? also should I do it more around the plant instead of at base so the roots will go searching for water? If these questions sound stupid my bad just first grow and am trying to get it right @garrigan62



Don’t you worry about the questions, just pour the water in there and don’t worry about it …ok water till you see water come out the bottom. that’s it


Ok thanks you guys and gals are honestly a life saver to the noobs like me. Have so much appreciation for this site. @garrigan62

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Yeah, they are kind of down before and after watering. As @garrigan62 says, the symptons look the same. But if she is uplifted and beautiful, then she needed some light and water. Glad she is growing good!:+1: