Plant is displaying pistils, but


A question from a fellow grower:

I have a grow tent and at this time I am attempting to grow three plants. This is my first time at trying to grow my own.
Everything seems to be going smoothly except for one thing.
One of my three plants is about a week +/- older than the other two. The eldest plant is displaying pistils and they are turning red but I see no trichomes nor does the colas feel sticky to the touch. It smells great but I’m wondering if I should harvest it or wait, honestly I don’t know. Any help will be appreciated.


Don’t harvest it yet, can you post a picture? We need more information.


A pic would be great. Without seeing can’t help

B Safe


1st of all my friend; Pistils turning red is not a sign that the plant has finished. It is more of a sign that the plant is beginning to finish.

Are you still seeing white, or new pistils forming on the new growth? If so; Plant is still growing.