Plant is currently 42 inches and not even really budding yet

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hey, so my order of the white widow auto flower seeds has been concerning me a bit. I’m on my second plant, which is currently 42 inches and not even really budding yet. The first easily reached the high 30’s. I bought these to grow inside for room purposes and these are too tall and I bought them largely because they are only supposed to reach 20-24 in. Is there a solution to this, because I still have 18 more seeds?

Are they auto flower? have you flipped lights to 12/12 to induce flowering? I use Budblood to limit stretch during flower but also train my ladies heavy so they stay size I want using low stress training

You need to top and tie them down

How far away is your light
Being too far away can cause serious stretch

I ran into same problem I just took tall branch and bent it over (without breaking it (don’t want to stress her to much in flower) and tied it to pot. I have had to do it with 2 of them now. I bet I got same deal 10 +10.
But you do have this to look forward to… my plants that stretched like that gave me a 6 Oz yeild compared to the ones that didn’t only giving 3 oz

They are supposed to be auto flowering. And my light is about 6 inches away on average. I will try tying it. Thank you all for your responses.