Plant identification question

Greetings to all! I’m a new grower. I grow indoors in soil. I have 3 Amnesia Haze Fem plants growing. They are doing very well, thank you. The tallest is 17" and the shortest is 15". All were sprouted in soil and transplanted at the same time. It’s been 9 weeks since germination. The plants sprouted under 4’ fluorescent grow lamp tubes. I installed a 1000w LED lamp at the time of transplant. The lamp is awesome if I may say so. The LED is 30 inches above top of tallest plant. I water, feed and tend to all 3 exactly the same. Humidity averages about 50%, and grow temperature is 72 degrees F (22 C). The space is well ventilated. I installed 2 mini fans to keep the air moving.

Here’s the problem: A couple of days ago, I noticed the shape of the leaves on one of the plants (the 15 inch one) is different than the other two. Let’s call the different one Emma. The leafs on Emma appear wider than the other 2 plants. Here are pictures of both.

The first picture (top one) is Emma. You can see the leaves on the bottom picture are more slender than those of Emma.

Questions: Do you think Emma is not an Amnesia Haze, or is it not a fem, or if it is a hermy? Or, are derivations in leave size normal for a given strain? Is it possible that Emma’s leaves grow wider because it received less light than the others?

Any questions, comments or help is appreciated.

At this point I want to tell ILGM “thank you” for making growing pot easy and for provisioning exemplary seeds. Everything seems to be working according to plan. I’ll post more pics of my small farm at a later time.


@RemyMartin even though they look different they are still amnesia haze. Emma is just showing traits different than the others.
Because they are made up of multiple phenotypes they can look different from one another even if grown in the same exact circumstances. It’s pretty common to have the same type of plant grow differently.
(I don’t know a lot about genetics etc. so someone will correct me if I’m wrong)

I have a quite a few plants that are the same, but all show different charactistics.

different phenotype,…she is just expressing her indica heritage more than the others. The final bud product should be the same from each… however, if you like the growth characteristics she might be good to keep as a mother since indicas tend to be shorter than sativas

@jmesser80 @Covertgrower @Oak Thank you, good people, for helping me understand the horticulture. I am relieved that this is a normal situation. Best wishes for a happy harvest!


Update, about 6 weeks after I took the photos above, the plant “emma” started to look really ratty. The stem was thick and brittle, the leaves along the stem were sparse and the leaves never seemed to become fully formed (3 pronged leaves, not 5 like normal). Compared to my other plants, this plant looked like an alien mutant from outer space. And I couldn’t justify it continuing to take up grow room space and my efforts. I surmised something was wrong. So I made an executive decision, hacked it up and gave it a proper burial.

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