Plant Height might be a problem

Any advice, I have a 2x2x4 tent and growing GDP. I flipped it about a week ago to 12/12. Its definitely stretching lol I new it would from my first grow. This plant instead of getting bushy its growing straight up. Can I at this point chop the main cola. Or should I just see if I can very lightly LST on a couple to bend them enough slightly. I know at this point they are likely to break if bent to much. Looking for suggestions.

Also what is to close for lighting? if that question can be answered with all the different light types mine are LED…


Google supercroping. You wiggle the stem between thumb and finger to bend stem. Works like a charm. Also from your picture, you want fresh air coming in the bottom of tent and hot air out the top. What brand of light and how close do you have it now?


Super crop like stated above, it’s a great way to stress those colas just enough t slow down vertical growth but also make them fill out from thinking it’s being attacked


Definitely need to do some super cropping. My one plant reached over 60” tall and is bent over. In the 5th week of flowering.

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Light is off brand Rodlodor or something like that 1200watt plus a 300 watt blupurple, temps 73 -79. Top of plant to lights little less than 2 foot growing good.

Sounds like you are in the sweet spot. 18- 24 inch is good. You can probably lower it once flower begins

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Ok will look yup super cropping see if I can see a demo,

Ok, lights by the way are as high as they can go. but I lower for flower that a good thing :slight_smile:

Would I do the super cropping high on the main cola or low?

With the lights should be a little be of literature about the height away from plants flowering / veg.

Every light is different and not made equal unfortunately. Tho I’d say 2 ft away is a safe distance

@SeaSeaside_guy1 do it below where you will not affect the bud sites. Find a portion of the stretch where no flowering growth is and do it there

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The height isn’t your issue. The issue is that your colas are uneven. That leads to your taller ones getting large and juicy (which is awesome) but your shorter ones don’t progress as nicely. What you can do is tie down your taller ones so that they’re even with your shorter ones. That creates a nice even canopy, allowing the light to penetrate evenly across and into your plant, producing nice fat, juicy buds on every site instead of just a few.
You may also consider lollipopping (not sure if you already mentioned doing that) - it opens up room for circulation AND allows your girl to spend her time working on the more viable buds instead of spreading her precious energy and nutrients across the smaller, useless mini larf buds at the bottom and what not.
Otherwise, looking good! Nice work!

Worked on it this morning, and was able to LST the taller cola’s to the height of the smaller sites. Gained me about 3"… Hoping that will be enough to get me through the grow. Needed that extra 3" big time. Thanks for your quick response

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Good work! LST is a great solution but I do still see some areas that look like they may not be getting the best light penetration and that’s going to lead to diminished bud size and bulk on your inner bud sites. Don’t let those sites go to waste! In a few days, after your girl has recovered from her LST, consider going in there and defoliating a bit from the bottom. Don’t go crazy but clear up some junk. Maybe clip a FEW leaves that look to be blocking light from inferior buds below. You’ve got some beautiful pre-flowers forming up there so it’d be awesome if you could get the same bloom on your inferior buds as you do up top. Don’t be afraid of using your horizontal space - spread that girl out! She’s flexible and she loves to open up wide. When you ease her open she thanks you in beautiful ways!! :wink:

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I’m doing a single in a 2 X 4 X 5 tent in a simple bucket hydro. I will SCROG this plant and if the girl cooperates I expect to pull 14 to 16 oz from that one plant. The key is getting the canopy level.

Like this


Great advice man, thank you and I’ll do all that in a couple days, Thanks!

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All I can say is Wow! Thanks for the input

If only super cropping one branch just pick the spot in between nodes that is best for getting it even with rest of canopy. If super cropping whole plant, I like to do it at about the second or third node throughout. Hope that helps and good luck!!

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No problem! Happy to help! And in agreement with @Myfriendis410 the SCROG method is another great way to even out your canopy. Instead of using yoyo’s and horticultural ties, you’ll use a net. Google SCROG and SOG.
The ONLY downside to those methods is that once you’ve set it up it is an absolute bitch to move. So if you have to frequently move your plants, like to water or do work on or access the back of your plant, you have to detach your net completely. But if your plant is in a tent where you have 360 degree access or at least front and back access then SCROG and SOG are definitely an awesome technique to consider.

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oh, and not that it really matters, but I’m a woman, not a dude. :wink: I do understand because women growers are far and few between, but it’s not a myth! We’re real! lolol :rofl:
either way, I am super happy to help. It’s awesome to be able to help someone cultivate a monster, potent cannabis plant.