Plant has issues need help

Hello all of my plants look awesome but one. One has issues that just popped up thr last couple days. Any help on what this issue is on the plant would be awesome.
Thanks again!!

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Are those the lower leaves?

Is that the only leaf affected? plant picture would help get an overall look :love_you_gesture:

No a few spots around the plant. Noticed they look kind of light colored in random spots. Now its getting worse.

[Processing: 20220222_070451.jpg

Plant look fine overall. I wouldn’t worry about a few blemishes, especially if the leaves are near the bottom of the plant.


All the others look awesome zero issues. This one having a hard time and when i adjust anything seems to get worse.

I don’t like the rows of tiny dots between the veins in the one pic. Inspect the undersides of your leaves for spider mites.

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Going to agree with @MidwestGuy guy. I don’t see any other concerns on the upper growth. :love_you_gesture:

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