Plant Growing too high

Hello ( i hope im in the right place)so i have this problem my fruit punch is going to preflower (i see the tricomes) but it keeps on growing. And im scared my neighbours will see it its almost 6 ft tall. And to be honest i would like to shorten it by obe foot. I am a beginner grower, my garden is out of control. Yes i made a lot of mistakes. But the question is can i top it now? I need at least one foot lower. How will the plant react if u do tbis now what will happen please help me guys.20210807_130716|666x500


To late to be honest, if you can slightly bend it maybe.
Generally otherwise you would have to trim before pre flower. If you trim now you will loose flower sites and top colas.


You may need a taller fence, lol. They’re going to stretch a LOT, again, when flowering :wink: :slight_smile:


I think they will smell it before they see it!!! Get a pet skunk!!! Nice problem to have anyway!!


Are they in pots or in the ground? If in pots dig a hole and set the pot in the hole, I’ve done this before. In the ground you can try to tie them down. Good luck :crossed_fingers:


dang, out of LIKES again but i like what Freebud said ^^ That is actually an awesome idea but i think they’re in the ground already :wink:

EDIT** the ones in the corner actually LOOK to be in pots but of COURSE, they’re shorties and not the issue :wink: :smiley:


You’re probably seeing pistols/white hairs not trichomes they come later

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You could bend them quit a bit still get some stakes and wire or string and bend the plants so they are more spread out and lower If a branch breaks or folds dont panic just wrap some tape around it. I use teflon tape. Keep bending the branches down as they will turn and start growing up within a day or so


There in the ground, the ones in the corner are on month younger white widows. I know i planted them.too close. Ww have been topped. The fruit punch was LST from a sprout but still it managed to get this huge!!. But if i cut it wont the Lower beanches, colas. Bush out making it an even canopy? SHE ALREADY STARDED STRECHING

Sorry my bad

If that’s the case wouldn’t pistols alone just be showing sex …and still safe to top?

I did it to one of mine …and actually didn’t like the fist cut so I did another around a foot lower than the first cut …
I was pretty damn nervous and I think I definitely lost 7-10 days because of it …

But the plant looks a lot better now

Calyx are starting up pretty good just over the past few days …if I can fight the mold she may make it lol

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What @plumbdand said and tie it down with a stake of some kind. Good luck and happy growing.

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How about this is my bluberry ready? I had a problem with growth becouse i put them in the wrong soil and they were baby seedlings for 3 weeks.but they survived when i fed them fox farm. And i noticed bud browning on one blueberry is this bud rot?

I super cropped some of my plants at the beginning of flower to keep them from touching the roof on my greenhouse. They were 10ft i lowered them by 2ft If I had more room to the sides I would bring them down to 6ft. They are probably still too tall. They are starting to stretch

Id start bending her over and tying her down or super crop the hell out of her either way she is almost guaranteed to double or triple after her stretch

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Your plant isnt too high
… the fence is too low!


Its necrotic tissue… if not removed it will most certainly become bud rot… I would carfully remove all dead material.


Supercrop them it will be fine.