Plant going totally yellow

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I am about a week into the flowering cycle of my first indoor project (see below pics). The larger one the left is the blueberry strain which I got from you guys in approximately may. I grew from the seed and it was going really well until 1.5 weeks ago when it starting turning yellow. I have been closely monitoring the PH, both going in and the run off and all seems ok. The medium is a course riverbed sand mixed with a good quality potting mix and I water it almost daily using quality Cannazym liquid. I have now switched to the Canna Boost for the flowering cycle. See some photos attached. Thanks and I would appreciate some feedback as to whether or not I should flush or just cut back on water and nutrients.
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Cant view any pictures attached, there for kinda hard to tell

use the upload icon in the edit window it looks like a harddrive with an arrow on top and give it time to upload before posting the message. Make sure the file isnt over 5 meg

If you could fill out a “support ticket” and post it with a picture we would be able to give you a better idea of what’s going on @OzziWayne

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Thanks mate. There in there now.

I agree with @ktreez420, if you could fill out a support ticket we can better help you

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Here is a support ticket for you @OzziWayne

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Give them some nitrogen …worm castings or a little blood meal …it sounds like you maybe watering them a little deep and you maybe flushing out with the second watering in your schedule …in other words you are flushing your nutes out when you water till lots run out the bottom…you should water till it just starts to run out …

also,not sure how tall you are shooting for before flipping to 12/12 but dont forget about the stretch that will happen when you do flip…