Plant genetics?

Hello First time posting here I hope I am doing this correctly. Finishing up my grow (flowering) and I am confused why 5 plants, same strain (Sour Diesel), same growing conditions appear so different looking. They have been a challenge ever since seedlings. Decided to let them go on to flowering even though they were not the best looking girls I have grown. I will provide more details if there is any response. Thanks JOCK


Jock is more normal than you’d think. They’re just like us and our siblings. I’m the only one in my whole family with brown eyes. We take pieces of each parent… they look great!

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Thank you for the reply Underthestairs This is my 6th grow. The other 5 grows turned out excellent each time. Plants were identical in appearance and growth habits. This grow the girls appeared to barely be surviving during veg. and unless I"m going senile at 71, I felt like I was doing all the right(simular to previous grows) things to make them happy. Started flowering stage and one plant went hermaphroditic. Happy to see the flowers coming along nicely on the others. Maybe it"ll be the best buds ever! I guess I"m trying to figure out if I have a soil issue problem because of the different growth habit displayed in each plant. I reused and amended the soil the girls are growing in now. My concern is using same soil again. I have another grow going on at the moment and they looking outstanding. Using fox farm ocean forest soil. Thank’s for the compliment.

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If you didn’t ask about genetic variation and instead why is one light green and other purple? I would have thought underfed and needs magnesium.
I assume they are the same strain.
Have you grown these previously?
They other wise look healthy. To me the light green could use more N in the flower mix.

This monster is from their same seeds as it’s sisters. Critical Mass Fem Photo, or at least it’s supposed to be. It’s three times as big as the others, and was in the same vegging DWC tank. Same nutes, same water. But you brought up a good point: I need to watch it closely in case it’s male, because I read they mature faster than females.


There are many things that go into growing indoors, which you clearly know. Amending your own soil can have great effect depending on how well you amend it. Some growers on here use the same soil for many grows and continue amending and adjusting.

As long as you are putting the correct things in, and following whatever feeding schedule is necessary based on the product you’re using to feed the results should be favorable.

What nutrients are you using once the soil is depleted?

The more stable the genetics are, the less variance you get in phenotypes.

I am using 5 gal buckets and GH Micro and Bloom using the Lucas formula. I would love to grow outside, but have some physical challenges that don’t allow it. I started in 5 gal fabric pots and Fox farms products, but really have liked the results I get and no bugs in my tents.

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