Plant forming flowers, what to do next?

A question of a fellow grower:

I have a Cherry pie that is forming flowers. I’m here for two more weeks
(until September 14) and then I leave for two weeks (until October 1). A
critical time for the plant. I’m having someone water it twice a week while
I am gone (I live in Oregon).

  1. do I need more water? I can rig a timer to water it daily)
  2. should I have them feed the plant while u am gone?
  3. I can put a rain shield to keep the rains off the buds. Is that a good
    or bad idea.

It looks like your plant is pretty happy. I’m assuming it’s around 3 weeks into flower, that would put it at weeks 5-7 that you’ll be away. The buds usually grow a lot in that time. Lots of rain and humidity can be really bad for the buds that late in flower.
If you have a trusted person that can water and/or feed I’d use them. If you can build a shield that allows plenty of light but no rain I’d say go for it. Just be sure that it allows a lot of air circulation.
I wouldn’t just leave the plant to fend for itself. It might be fine and reward you with swollen buds upon your return, or you might come back to something too far gone to save.

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Sounds like you should be fine. Nice to have a trusted friend to help ya out. I’ll be having the same problem at the end of October cause hunting season in rouge area

Your Lady is just starting to flower up. Once she gets in full flower, she will take in lots more water and nutes. A friend has a middle flower plant that is sucking up a gallon a day…and the buds are getting really nice and full.
Dependable watering will make the difference. Good luck.