Plant food what do yall think


What yall think about fox farm products. I’m using them now. Is there anything better


Anything better would be a matter of opinion. It’s what you’re comfortable with using, and your grow set up. Fox Farms is good stuff though don’t worry on that.
There are a lot of nutrient brands out there and can lead to confusion. Everyone claims to be better than the other guy. @Crikkett01


Like usual @Covertgrower is right on the money different strokes for different folks fox farm works great there are so many different brands it’s a crap shoot sometimes but it works great :wink:


FF trio is good stuff. Your girls will grow like crazy. They show a flush with sledgehammer about every 4 weeks on their schedule I think it is. The trio will build salts up in your soil and can effect your ph and lock your plant out. If your growing autos you may get by with out the flush. not trying to spook you … I used it for 2 grows… learned the hard way… Good luck with your grow


Apples & oranges, i think we all tend to like what we had the best luck with just like nutes.


I use all Foxfarm products and they work great. It really is just preference and what is available to you, and of course, budget.


Hey. I just saw this thread and I was wondering what problems you have with hard water. I am starting my first grow and I am confused. My aunt does a lot of gardening and the water never gives problems. Of course, she doesn’t grow marijuana either.


I’m using well water and the plants seem to love it but I’m also new to this too. @1968CAmaROss


I know it says to flush with sledgehammer but will plain water work as well. Kinda went out of budget on this now. Not really wanting to spend more money unless I have to. Any help on that would be awesome! Thanks


you can flush with water. 1 gal of water for every gal of your pot size I think it is. It may or may not be enough. You can check your run off PPM when you start and check it again when you finish. should be a good drop. Sledgehammer works well with less volume of water … I understand the growing on a budget… you’ll learn a few tricks along your way…


I have them in the ground does that matter. Or would a flush not be necessary @Sasquatch


the flush is still needed… but now I think your going to need the sledgehammer…


Damnit … found a Male too when should I pull him. Starting to show pollen sacks. Sorry for so many questions


un less you want seeds get rid of it now


Just clipped him now this might be a dumb question but can I do anything with him besides throwing away



as young as it is I don’t think so… compost?


Thanks for all your help.


I’m using Miracle Grow for soil and also use the Miracle Grow nutrient feed? I heard others say not to use Miracle Grow Feed because it doesn’t provide all the nutrients? And to use Fox Farm?

But I heard others use Miracle Grow soil/feed and had a great harvest?

My plant is about 24 inches tall and about 13 inches wide and in second week of pre-flowering 12 12


Last your was my test of I wanted to do more. I used miracle grow and lost the plant. This year I have 7 and I use the fox farm trio and boy are they looking good. For me no miracles with miracle grow will not try again. What do you flush with @Cajunboy777