Plant food / nutrients HOW LONG DO U KEEP ONCE MIXED


Can you keep your mixed up nutrients until you use them or should you discard any you dont use after feeding your plants.


If you are talking in soil mediums, then you have to adjust the quantity of nutrients at each watering, so your mix will be poured totally in the soil, if anything is left, I suggest you get rid of it, because mixed nutrients and time make crazy things!

If you are in hydro, regarding your tank capacity, the power of your pump and the number of plants, you’ll be able to keep your “soup” for a week (as far as it is protected from light), two maximum. But you need to have something ta bring air in your tank, like a diffusing rock for example.
Same for the Aeroponics


IMO you can keep the nutes solution, just make sure to adjust ph prior to using them.


@HappyCamper @EiffelSmoker THANKS that was what i was wondering. I have been throwing it after ive watered them but i thought i waste alot so was wondering if it can be used again if it was bottled etc. But i wouldnt want to risk it if i cant get a more accurate or definitive answer.


Most nutes are good about a week mixed although nectar of gods, a natural nute , you have to mix each feeding. Last grow i used GH & could store a week, so depends on product.


Once mixed nutrient solution should be used immediately, or in a matter of days, if oyu have some leftover. You can extend the life of nutrient solution by adding a bubble stone for aeration. Change out fresh nutrients every 7-10 day and as much as 2 weeks with top offs.

Topoffs are adding PH’d water ti keep solution level at proper depth. You can cycle the solution one time. This means; If you are in a bubbler and it holds 4 gallons, you can top off with 4 gallons of fresh PH’d water before changing nutrients.

happy growing! :wink:


Stored pre mixed nutrients PH fluctuates over the course of a few days.
Always check the PH of the stored nutrient mix prior to feeding your plants. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Mikos I give the leftover to my house plants or my other garden, if it’s that time of year.


Thanks so can i pour the excess stuff into my compost pile then. Would that
be ok. ??


That’s exactly what i do @bob31 my hpuse plants have never lookef better


I have question if by some chance i muddle up my plants wen they were being transplanted and say i thought it was soil and not soiless and i transplanted it into soil would tht stop it streching or could it stop it streching. Cause its bugging the hell out of me that even my 3rd plant is streching and she is 10days behind the other two one in soil cococoir mix and the othet tht aint streching is in soil. The 3rd one i know is in soil from day one and she is becoming a monster she is looking great. But i still want the 2nd one to strech call me crazy but i want all 3 to strech.