Plant feel over

HELP I just flushed the hulk ppm was 54 then it fell over split some branches and the root came completely out the dirt so I put it back under the scrog in a 5 gal bucket of water ph at 6 and added a air pump hoping it will live the last ten days. SUGGESTION PLEASE this was the 2 flush

For a more accurate problem solve you will need to give a little more information on your grow and possibly afew pics if you can??

You have come to the right place but like i say more info please :ok_hand:

It’s a baner# 3 8 weeks was in a 15 gal pot it fell over dirt camme out the root ball so I put it in a 5 gal bucket

some branches split but are still on the plant so I put it back under the scrog to hold them up

I put an air pump in the water and ph it at 6 will it live?

Let me see if we can get you some help…

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It sounds to me that you have basically turned a plant in soil into a hydroponic situation , Is that correct? Does the rootball still have soil attached to it or did it all fall off? You may be able to save the plant, the airstone is a good idea and some form of heating for the water to bring it up to around 24 degrees c would really help. Raise your light as the plant is going to freak out for a bit and doesnt need the intense light right now. A very dilute nutrient solution with some superthrive and or fish emulsion may help with the stress. A picture or 2 will be very helpful. Good luck


Could use a pic of this. I thought you replanted it. You only have to keep her alive for another week, so I think you should just leave her in the bucket now with the airstone. Raise the light while she’s in shock, and give her some super thrive.

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