Plant dying from bottom up

I changed from Advanced Nutrient to General Organics BioThrive family and changed my feeding schedule from every third day to forth. I did miss one feeding on the fifth day.

Environment not an issue. Is the dying off from excess nutrients or lack of water?

Id have to say it looks mostly like it is dying off because of self pruning, not enough light or air flow at the bottom there, it’s all too crowded down there.

I know it is crowded. The temps stay at 80-90 with a humidity of 40-50%, 1200-1400ppm CO2 and 1000 watt HPS. I have 2 carbon filters mirror imaged with full air flow control. I did find the 5-gallon Buckets extremely light on the extended lack of feeding.

To date the chamber has exceeded all expectations with no sign of this happening.

I also used the nutrients as labeled and not cut in half as I did with Advanced Nutrients. .

So you are saying you have grown the same type of crowded undergrowth in this way before without it dying off?

Exactly, The chamber is kick ass.

So what is going on in the root zone. Do you feed drain to waste? What is the PH and TDS in the root zone or in the runoff if you use DTW?

I found it to be a calcium deficiency useing the nutrient guide. I gave the plants a CaMg+ feeding and the dying off ended and was trimmed off and the leaves are now healthy. I attached a picture of a trimmed plant and of the tops (45 days 12/12) saved. Interestingly I also used the same recycled soil for my tomatoes in 5-gallon buckets and started to get Blossom End Rot, a sign of calcium deficancy and ended it the same way.

Harvest Day. Very dis-pointed in the tops compactness. Looks like pure cooking matter. Not worried a bit. Second chamber full of Roberts White Widow (8 plants) ready in three weeks. I got pics of both chambers.

I did mean to mention. In the soil recycling process it was noted that the root ball saturated it’s bucket like it was searching for more of something unlike past successful
harvests. Just an observation I thought I’d pass.