Plant dying and drying out fast , Harvest now?

The plant seems to be drying up and dying. However, there is a lot of white still. Should I harvest anyway? Buds are getting dry. The plant is Sour Diesel, grown both inside and out.


How long has she been in flower? Looks close.

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8+ weeks.


pretty buds, look at your crystals with a jeweler’s loupe I think you’re in the window to harvest. Good luck

I have looked, and I only see a couple of amber ones. I’m worried that the buds will dry out even more or too much.

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You need to take it in my opinion. Many reasons to harvest when you do. To ensure a harvest is one of them, good luck.

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If you’re worried about the buds drying out too fast when you chop hang the whole plant. An Dry trim later. I usually chop when I see just a bit of Amber.

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I might have mold? I harvested the top bud a 10 10-15 days ago. I was reading an article and they mentioned grey mold. I remembered seeing something with the buds I harvested. I just inspected the old buds and it looks like I have grey hairs that can be seen with my magnifier. It this mold? Should i harvest the rest of the plant asap and inspect? I hope I am wrong on the mold. Please advise:

I’m no expert by far but it wouldn’t hurt when harvested to give her a peroxide bath it may kill the mold off and save your buds. maybe someone with a lot more experience can chime in