Plant droops no matter what

Using happy frog soil, fox farm trio nutes . P.H is 6.3
Growing indoors . 400w blurple lights . Area is 3×3×6

No matter when shes dry looking for water or if i give her water . She droops like this all day . 8 weeks old


Maybe she’s just a sad girl… lol but honestly?

Could be root issues. When was the lasttime u saw under the skirt? Where’s ur medium from? Have u checkd pH at all

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Do you have a fan blowing on her directly?

I did . But not a very big fan . Like a 2" fan . It doesn’t blow out very much air

Never saw under the skirt . Shes in fabric pots and i dont know how to check . P.H is 6.3 got soil from amazon

How much and often are you watering? Looks like a 5 gal fabric pot in fox farms you should only have to water about 3-4 day intervals… is the pot getting much lighter before you water… looks like an over watering situation although leaves look good. @Hellraiser he’s the over watering master, but I think we need to let her dry up some look like a wet noodle.


She’s never been transplanted?

If its over or underwatering. Its definitely over. Like TR asked. How often are u actually watering?


That’s my thoughts too. Possibly caused by watering issues. I assume she’s a photo, not an autoflower?

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I water her when the pot feels dry . About every 3 days . Yes shes a photo .

Well then… that’s about right are you watering till run off? Maybe a good flush, run 1.5-2 gallons of PHd RO/distilled water through her, thinking purp got it in a root issue might be built up and locking the water out… if you got a TDs meter be interested to see the runoff numbers… my bet is she got a lot in her.

Edit: Looking through again, might be time to look at light intensity… she’s just full full a flush and another/strong light would help her…

She’s kinda like I wanna go I do but I can’t. Move the fan away from directly on it, under it or diagonal through it would be better to rule out wind burn but leaves are a great color honestly. Pull that bottom fan on the left for me please it’s the ugly duckling of the plant she’s done.

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I too think it is a root issue.

I just went through this with a plant I started 6 weeks ago in a 3 gallon pot of Happy Frog soil for transplant outside. I really wasn’t feeding it because I didn’t expect freezing temperatures to hang on so long. It didn’t matter if I let it dry out, or water it, it was always droopy. I put it outside in its final pot, watered the heck out of it, and the plant perked right up. Couldn’t be happier.

Try doing a flush and see if that helps. You might want to consider using something like Fox Farms Sledgehammer or similar product rather then ruining the soil chemistry with a large water flush. Sledgehammer flushes with just a few gallons of water.

Ty everyone for your help

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Decided on a plan of action?

No man i have no idea . I checked with a tds meter . 1100 is the reading i got . For now i just flushed her and put her outside . Not sure what else to do . Thinking of yanking her up

Heres my other lady

What if any leaves should i cut from second plant ? Thx

Yes shes a photo

What do you think…no harm in a transplant into good soil…can’t get any worse


Welcome to the community!

Don’t yank her up. Out of curiosity, what is the temps when the lights are off?

Mine have looked liked this when it got cool overnight. Some strains don’t like a huge temp swing

You can start taking big fan leaves that are growing inwards towards the stem to open it up the inside… and also any leaves that have damage or 3 finger leaves if you still got them… about 1/3 to 2/3 of under story can be taken once into flower… but be selective at first you can always go back and take more off… it’s super hard to put them back :wink:(read as impossible)

Temps at night are roughly 70f . Day temps are 80f.