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I used to wet trim and then hang up my individual branches upside down to dry. It worked, but was far less than perfect. After a ton of reading, I decided to try hanging the entire plants upside down for drying, and then dry trim them. That worked out much better for me, and I’ve stuck with that method ever since. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both methods, but dry trimming is definitely my choice, and what I consider to yield the best results.

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So cut the stock and then hang and about time frame of drying what is that? Humidity to what is the best temps and humidity?

I try to keep the temp in the low 60’s. I start out with the humidity at 60% for about the first 2 or 3 days, then I lower it to 55% for the rest of the drying. How long it will take depends on a few things, mostly the size and density of your buds. To be honest, I never mastered the timing of when to trim them. Sometimes I did it too early and then had to take my buds out of the jars for a bit to let them dry more, and I’ve also waited too long and had my buds be too dry to cure properly. I started using a cheap moisture meter a few grows ago, and it helped me a lot. My plants average about 7 to 10 days hanging, but sometimes more and sometimes less.
I’ll look for a link to the moisture meter I got.

Ok a must have gadget. But does it really matter if you hang or not hang upside down during harvest. I got a hanging rack and I thought I could cut and lay them on the trays to dry

In my opinion it matters a lot, but you’ll find plenty of people who do it the way you’re thinking and say it works fine for them. The theory behind hanging the entire plant still intact is that it will dry the slowest that way. The slower it dries the better the final product will be. Every cut you make in the plant, whether you’re cutting stems, branches, or leaves will be another point where air can get in and speed up the drying process.
Best advice I can give beyond that is do as much reading as you can. Pick a method and go with it. If you’re not happy, try a different method next time until you nail down a way that works for you.

Oh yeah by the way I ordered that meter. I do get your point on the cutting and hanging. Every grow I have done I have learned something new each time. This one is my favorite grow. I have gotten this far I just don’t want to screw up.

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Good morning. Well I’m still going with the flowering. Sunday will be 9 weeks. I did a little cut on some branches of some of the plants to see where they are at for a high. Drying and I also bought that meter. But plants are looking very good.

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