Plant deficiency/excess photos

The planter resoviour holds about 2/3 of a gallon of water!!

You can dry that way. But I’ve noticed they dry too quickly that way so I’ve changed to hanging the whole plant to slow drying process. I only top water but I believe those that use reservoirs also employ an air pump and air stones to aerate the solution which also keeps it mixed.

I put a glass jar with water and a wet towel hanging out and no extra humidity! I just got my phone tester, light , and soil moisture. I put the probes about 6" into the soil. The ph looks to be about 6.5 the moisture was good, but the lights were in the red zone. Any suggestions on brighter full spectrum lighting that’s very cheap!!!

Unfortunately those three way probes are pretty useless for ph. I have one but just use the moisture probe to check the moisture at the bottom of the pot. I ripped off the ph probe to reduce the damage of roots by sticking it in the soil. For the light meter to work it needs to be face up towards the light. It doesn’t really tell you much though.

A glass jar isn’t going to be large enough to make much difference. They have pretty cheap humidifiers at cvs/ Walgreens etc. I have a one gallon humidifier that was around $30.

Agreed on the Humidifier…I just picked up a 1 gallon unit at Walmart for $15.00 Great time of year to buy these and heaters too.

Nope… I think I found the problem! It was gnats! And my girls are looking a lot better! Thank you!

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hello everybody

it seems that i have a little problem, does anyone know what it could be?

3 week
AN nutes @ 1/4 strength / ppm 700
PH 5.8
temp 20 celsius and water 18-20 celsius

I have the same probe you do! Nice to know it’s useless. I held it to the 35w full spectrum light and registered at 500 lums in the red zone not enough light. Same with the 3t 25w I put at the bottom of the plant. Do you know of any cheap full spectrum lighting $30-$50. That have the wattage they claim to have? I need with a big bang for the buck!! Wattage, proper spectrum, lumens etc!! Warrentee!

I have a one gallon humidifier that gives out steam. I’ve been trying to avoid it because it bothers my COPD. I’m going to try it on a timer and regulate from there. Thanks bro!!

Unfortunately lighting is going to be your largest expense. It’s the engine of the whole grow. Poor lighting, poor flowers. The cheapest one I can recommend is a viparspectra 300. It’s really only 127w but I have used it and it does flower a plant. Not as well as a real grow light, though. This is a plant I had under that light. Shortly after this pic I upgraded to quantum boards and she really started putting on some weight.

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Those look pretty damn good for a lousy light. I just bid on a 5000w grow light 5670 lumens 100 leds cooling fans $41.95 I bid $35.99 I have to wait till he responds! I have this thing about Amazon I don’t like. Their prices are always higher than eBay. I do buy my movies from Amazon!! They’re easy to return if something is wrong. Some of the lighting company’s I checked out claim their 4000w lights put out 360500 or more lumens I found that hard to believe? What’s your view on that? Do you think it’s BS?

All of cheap leds are false advertising. They claim 2000w but only actually put out a few hundred watts. Here’s a good example. Here’s a 3000w light that’s cheap

Look a little closer and you get the actual wattage

How do they get away with the false advertising? On Amazon and eBay!! I’m probably answering my own question, but I guess maybe not enough or any people bring this false shit to their attention. They probably don’t care as long as they get their money possibly. I used my humidifier and got the humidity up to 53%. I have to get it out of the tank it’s in. It’s getting too big. I hope I can control the right conditions in the room!! When I take it out I’ll get some good pics and send them to you maybe you can tell what sex it is and if it looks good and healthy? Thanks for helping me out I appreciate it and I’ll be getting some ILGM seeds. I want to try some LSD, Gorilla Glue, and Skywalker OG. All very high THC levels very little CBD. Have you tried any of these strains?

@marklucia yea I know right I got I light from amozone my 2300 led no instructions just light and hangers

They should of put the color spectrum on here to because I’m learning my lights still red blue white iv uf I think tour suppose to have five

But I know I can get it on here

So how much is my 2300 with flower switch led from amozone

Depends on the quality they range from $40 - $400 I just bought a 4000w from EBay I think for $42 with tax. I bought 3 cheaper ones last year $20 early on Amazon. They’re doing fine so far but you need to keep these kinda close to the plant. There are so many false claims about these full spectrum lighting. Do a little research before you waste money. You’re gonna see so many grow lights on Amazon its boggling and confusing. I always check the ratings and how many people did reviews on the product. I’m sure some of the experianced growers can help you out with that!!

I tried to get some better pictures to show you . can you determine the sex yet?

Looks too early. I’ll attach a general guideline below. Are you using feminized seed? 99% change you have a fem if that is the case. 50/50% if from bag seed.

Your girl needs a bigger pot.