Plant deficiency/excess photos

This was a great idea by @MrPeat. This is pics for deficiencies/excess of nutrients that you have experienced. Nutrient issues aren’t just a matter of, “I underfed” or “I overfed”. There’s a lot of things in motion that can cause different things.

What have you run into? What did you find the root cause and what was the resolution?

I’ll start:

Calcium deficiency. Caused by running distilled water. Switching to tap water resolved issue.

Phosphorus deficiency. Caused by soil ph dropping to 5.8. Flushing with 7.0 water brought ph up to 6.6 and resolved issue

Iron deficiency. Cause by a water conditioner I was using to dechlorinate the water. Spraying with clamag foliar spray and discontinuing using the conditioner resolved issue

This will likely turn into a “what’s wrong with this or that leaf” thread, but I hope not. This is a post your deficiency/excess thread and how you resolved the issue.


@Bobbydigital Well thank you for starting this thread. If it doesn’t stay on point, one of the Moderators will need services of cleaning out the trash.

This is something that should not be derailed. Hopefully this topic can be put as one of those pinned topics.

We get asked about deficiencies on a daily basis. :+1:


advanced Phosphorus deficiency symptoms showed during 3rd week of flower. Caused by insufficient fertigation in coco. Increased feeding to 2x a day, added extra source phosphorus. New growth is symptom free


Leaf variegation
Two toned leaves . No remedy needed. Genetic trait.


THC deficiency. Alleviated by multiple bong hits of ILGM Bruce Banner.

(Sorry I couldn’t resist).


So I will add this photo.

Problem: Light Burn

Correction: I pulled my two Blue Dream plants to give the Peach Puree CBD strain more room. She was 75” tall and so her leaves was actually touching the lights.


Happy Cannaversary!

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I was feeding to much potassium, causing calcium to be locked out


Cal-mag deficiency and light too close.
Def caused by ppm’s too high and ph too low.
Accentuated by light burn / over heated.
Flushed and re fed at correct rate and moved light up 6 more inches. :v:

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any ideas as to what could be starting to happen to this little guy?

I have a question about my plant. It’s growing nicely getting very bushy on it’s own. I’ve been feeding it nutrients and seem to be getting good results. I noticed on the stalk white like nodules at the bottom of the stock is this a normal thing? The leaves are green and healthy and the stalk looks nice and thick. It’s about 15" tall now.

Welcome! Sounds kinda like exposed roots. You got a pic?

Here are some pics from a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t get a good pic of the stalk. I’ll post some more pics the next watering. I use self watering pots 10". This pot should be good till budding?

Do you have any pictures of stalks? What to look for deficiency, too many nutrients, exposed roots, over water, under watering? It looks healthy to me, but this is my first plant that’s seems to be doing well?

Looks like it’s doing real well. I don’t see any issues.

Nute burn. Are you using Miracle Grow soil?

I took a good look at the root and it’s nice and thick but it did look like the root was up above the soil. I used a smaller pot with organic soil and coco- coir then filled it in more around the stalk. The leaves are growing out 1/2" above the dirt, and beefed up the sides. The soil compacted more from watering. I didn’t pack it down too tight for proper drainage. I’m going to put more soil in tomorrow and I’ll get some better pictures. I have 1 35w full spectrum above and a 18" 3T 25w at the base of the plant so the whole plant gets light when I rotate it. 18/6. I can’t get the humidity up past 33% I have a jar of water under a ceramic heat lamp but I don’t think it’s doing much. I need to get the humidity up to 50% without a humidifier? Any suggestions?

To combat compaction in the future just add about 20% perlite to your medium. For humidity, people will place a bucket of water in the grow space with a towel hanging into the water. The towel will act as a wick and raise your RH.


When the plant’s are ready for harvest why are they hung upside down does this get more thc to the buds? Or can I just trim the buds a put them in my 4 tier Herb dryer opposed to hanging upsidedown? I don’t know if hanging them is for cureing? Please explain!! Thanks

About my plant we were talking about root exposure!! Should I trim off the bottom leaves they are sprouting at the bottom of the stalk and build up the soil around the bottom to cover the roots? I added some soil mixed with coco-coir to keep the moisture on the top soil. I’ve been mixing the nutrients and filling the reservoir with the watering it seems ok, but shouldn’t I be watering from the top for the nutrients to work better in the soil? I spray the top soil to maintain dampness. It uses the water in the reservoir about once a week. I noticed in my mixed jugs of nutrients they settle to the bottom and have to shake them to remix. Water from the top? I guess that only makes sense for the nutrients to work best?