Plant care help please


Brought some of your fine blue berry and white widow seeds for my first ever indoor grow. Have read the bible and plant care but it is a brain overload. So I am hoping one of you seasoned growers can narrow my problem out a bit. Running 2 130w cfl’s in a 3x3x4 foot high grow box 2700k and a 6400k. Bottom leafs changing color and brown tips on leafs as well and dots now too. Photos should help the pros.
Please help save my baby.


Also on the good side lights running 24/7 and nodes out the waazoo. Just over 1 month old pot will be to small tho I guess. the small plant next to it is a white widow that near died but now if fighting back well. both take same food you would use on a real blueberry bush as around same n.p.k rating I did water and turn of the fan which may have made it to humid, done it a few times till I read the plant care guide last night, Using tap water 8-O don’t yell. Learning to make worm casting compost tea. Just worried as only have 3 bb seeds left.


Tap water isn’t that bad, and actually can be good, depending on where in the world or, if in the USA, what part or state you are in. My local municipality in the south western united states gets its water from deep wells and has a low TDS/PPM (about only 100 PPM) as well as being pretty PH neutral (about 7.5). As long as you are adjusting for the PH and potential nutrients already in your water, tap water can be used no problem, even the chlorine isn’t as bad for the plants as some might think, some chlorine is actually necessary for a healthy plant. Tap water may have many mineral nutrients required for a healthy plant, usually the micro nutrients instead of the macro nutrients (NPK). Your problem is likely PH related as judging by the pictures alone. Get a PH meter or PH soil probe at the very least. You want your soil about between 5.5 and 6.5 if at all possible.

Also try and answer as many questions in the support ticket that you haven’t already answered and we may be able to give you more accurate info. Immediately, to me, it kinda looks like a phosphorous, or iron, or zinc, or sulfur, or magnesium deficiency, or some combination of all of these, and all of these can very well be from a bad PH in your soil or your water.

ILGM Support Tickett

What is the strain?
Indoor or Outdoor?
Size of space?
Soil or Hydro? Medium used?
Type of nutrients used? PPM levels?
Humidity %?
Light system/watts?
Vegetative Growth season or Bloom/Flower season? Number “weeks/days” from start of veg growth or into flowering?


What is the strain? blueberry fem
Indoor or Outdoor? indoor
Size of space? 3 foot wide x 3 foot length x 4 foot high
Soil or Hydro? Medium used? garden soil and potting mix
PH? unknown
Type of nutrients used? PPM levels? pallets used for camellias & other acid loving plants
Temperature? from 14 degrees c night- to 25 degrees day time
Humidity %? unknown
Light system/watts? 2 x 130 watt cfl’s high output grow light’s
from start of veg growth ? 22-6-2014 sprout

getting a ph kit in 3 days


I think you have a slight PH issue. Not sure what you mean by acid lowering plant, but potting soil and mix PH should be in a good range. By adding a mish-mash of diiferent nutrient amendments without the knowledge as to what affect they will have on the plants, can cause issues.

It is possible that the overnight temps are causing this issue, and that may7 or may not be a long running issue.

I would advise reading the PH of your runoff once you get a PH kit. then let us know where you stand. concentrate on new growth; Is it OK?


Well, with time release pellets, it is going to be really hard to know for sure about a lot of things in your soil. But let us assume all your macro nutrients are accounted for and not too little nor too much, as well as your micro nutrients. All things being equal, the thing that stands out is we don’t know the PH, I don’t see anything else that stands out as being such a likely culprit. Also notice the types of leaf discoloration your picture seems to show are indicating a lot of the metals being locked out, especially phosphorous, iron and zinc, this tends to happens in soil that gets just a little too alkali. If I were a betting man, but I’m not, I’d bet we’ll find this to be the case, although there is a chance it could be from being way too acidic as well, that is why we need that meter, lol. My second bet would be on the pellets and maybe soil are just too depleted or are not supplying enough of the right nutrients, maybe especially the phosphorus, but could even be the nitrogen, but I’d think you’d see more yellowing all over the plant if that was the case.

A TDS/PPM meter can be found pretty cheap online. You can check your soil’s run off, this is usually how it is done. You can also test your tap water to see how hard it is, this can contribute to adding alkalinity to the soil. Hard water is usually heavy in certain minerals, especially calcium. It reads the parts per million of the dissolved solids or salts in your water and can be used to gauge the amount of water soluble nutrient additives like miracle grow drops or powders or other specialty fertilizers to mix with your water for feeding the plants. It is more important for people that are really trying to max out the amount of nutrients to try and max out the potential growth of the plant, but people can still get great results with older fashioned gardening methods, it is not absolutely necessary, people have been growing without these for a very long time.


I think they meant acid loving plant, Latewood. :lol:


Tested the ph levels of the soil and it is between 6-6.5. Changing to a seaweed concentrate to mix with my water, just to see what happens. Just seams to much tec now, as a teenager all people said was add blood and bone for food, or mix horse manure with seaweed. The suckers have been around for thousands of years without our help, soz loosing my mind reading to much of the how to stuff.


Temps aren’t that bad, not much below 60f, 14c=57.2F, and 77f highs, it’s a big swing but I don’t really think it is the biggest problem, and the temps in general are well within safe ranges. The leaves kinda look leathery as well, this also points to a nutrient deficiency or toxicity and as your PH is also in a safe range, 5.5 to 6.5, I don’t think there is a PH issue. It is likely the pellets are not providing enough nutrients and probably not enough nutrients being added when you feed them during your watering/feeding schedule.

Latewood has more experience with all that home grown organic blood and bone, or mix horse manure with seaweed.kinda stuff and I’m sure he can chime in on that.

One last thing, I don’t know what blueberries need, but I’m suspecting it is not the same as what tomatoes need, and if you are looking for a comparative analog, use the recommended tomato NPK ratios for veg. and cactus ratios for flower, and remember, it is cannabis, not blueberries, nor even tomatoes nor cacti. We do have a recommended nutrient made specifically for cannabis you might want to look into using someday.


There are several recipes for making your own soil mix with sterile soil, peat moss, bone meal, blood meal, dolomitic lime, perlite, and maybe epsom salts. I made this type of soil when I 1st started growing years ago. It works great, but you have to be careful not to over mix and burn your plants.

Googlle it. You will find all kinds of very similar recipes to what I posted here.


Think it was a salt build up as I flushed the plant and she now looks as sexy as can be. :mrgreen:


Sounds like it actually could have been a toxicity from the tablets, too much nutrient salts, I guess that makes sense too, I mean – that is kinda what a tablet is, kinda a crystal salt that is supposed to kinda melt into the soil slowly. I’m glad the flush is working for you.