Plant care for these strains

Question from a fellow grower!

Would you happen to have the leaf surface temperature, temperature, humidity and vpd from seedling, veg, and flowering for the following?

White widow
Granddaddy purple
California Dream
Girl scout cookies
LA confidential

And the recommended ph and ppm for coco?


Leaf temperature is not really going to be different across different strains. The temperature and humidity and vpd are directly related. The vapor pressure deficit is the sweet spot for humidity and flower. These do differ for different stages of growth.

Your not going to find vpd charts for specific strains because there is not going to be much variation. I would just go download a veg and flower vpd charts. Just make sure that you keep the humidity below 50 in late flower.


pH for coco is 5.8-6.0 as it’s an inert hydro medium. The PPMs will depend on stage if growth generally, but some nutrient lines can be fed the same mix from start to finish line Jack’s 321.

There’s probably a chart around here somewhere that details PPM, but I haven’t seen one for a long time and don’t have one.

Cannabis is cannabis. There’s really nothing specific about growing the various strains. Some strains mature more quickly than others and some strains are more resistant to mold and disease. Other than that there is not really any strain specific differences from a growing perspective. The only real differences between the strains is THC/CBD content and terpine profiles.

I would worry about temperature at the canopy rather than leaf temp. If the temp of your grow space is proper, then leaf temp will follow appropriately.

Here’s a VPD chart for you.

Here are a couple of charts. Coco is considered hydro. Desired pH is 5.8 - 6.1

Same info different source see complete chart at KoolMed

Scratch leaf surface temp unless you have the ability to measure it. That does not mean a infrared food thermometer. I refer to the VPD chart from Scynce LED. It is more straight forward than many and applies to grow room conditions. This is a partial chart.