Plant bud damaged


From a fellow grower:

This super skunk was planted 75days ago. 60 cm tall now. In Thailand daytime temperature 34 night time 23 average .

Photo 1 shows the damage. Photo 4 shows where it took place.
Other buds seems ok.

Should I pull the plant? Or use some chemical?

Photo 2 ,3
Shows amnesia haze, there are insects eating the leaves. Should I use chemical?
This plant is also 75 days old,only 50 cm tall.
they both are much shorter than indicated.

Please advise me ASAP.

Outdoor problem, aphids?

Yes looks like bud rot. You can down load the grow bible it will really
Sounds like to much moisture in air and not enough wind or heat.
Hopefully some one jump in to help with bugs


Thats a sure case of bud rot…!
Botrytis the fungus is sometimes referred to as “botrytis bunch rot,” “botrytis blight,” “bud rot,” “grey mould” or “gray mold.”Carefully remove and discard all buds with bud rot, as well as nearby buds - this is incredibly important if you don’t want to lose the whole harvest! Don’t let anything any of the rot touch other parts of your plant.
they need less dampness, drier air and warmer temperatures. If you can improve the environment, you can allow the plant to continue ripening after you’ve removed the infected buds.

As for your plants_!! What’s eating them?
You can most likely find this at your" r local hardware. Store Do not get the DE for swimming pool s



Good info here. Good job fellas! :slight_smile:


Thank you Latewood I appreciate that :smiley: