Plant already starting to bud, what to do?


A question of a fellow grower:
I just started my first female and she is doing great, the only problem is she is starting to bud

and I won’t be able to harvest it cause it is sooooo not ready, what advice can you give me? she is inside and the 2 males are outside. When will I be able to harvest. This is my first time…


Right now is when outside plants begin to bud, if you dont want it to bud, I suggest finding a way to give it at least 16 hrs of light


I hate to tell you this but that thing is far from doing great. It’s starved for light


Unfortunately, that plant will never produce any useable bud. The plants have a grow schedule that once it is hatched…the clock starts ticking. If given good light, soil and nutes…it turns into a fat healthy plant that produces buds. If it is not given all the good things, it turns into a stunted small plant.
It never had the strong light needed to produce a full healthy plant. Also, guessing it never had any nutes.

Sorry, I know this is not what you wanted to hear.


Where did all the leaves go? Did you take them off??


is that a north facing window?