Plant already starting to bud, what to do?


A question of a fellow grower:
I just started my first female and she is doing great, the only problem is she is starting to bud

and I won’t be able to harvest it cause it is sooooo not ready, what advice can you give me? she is inside and the 2 males are outside. When will I be able to harvest. This is my first time…


Right now is when outside plants begin to bud, if you dont want it to bud, I suggest finding a way to give it at least 16 hrs of light


I hate to tell you this but that thing is far from doing great. It’s starved for light


Unfortunately, that plant will never produce any useable bud. The plants have a grow schedule that once it is hatched…the clock starts ticking. If given good light, soil and nutes…it turns into a fat healthy plant that produces buds. If it is not given all the good things, it turns into a stunted small plant.
It never had the strong light needed to produce a full healthy plant. Also, guessing it never had any nutes.

Sorry, I know this is not what you wanted to hear.


Where did all the leaves go? Did you take them off??


is that a north facing window?


This is how my female looks since the last pic, I have started it on nutes, and bought a grow light, it only goes in the window for about 4hrs a day and then back under the lights, I think it is doing better and I do have another seed to plant but I am waiting on planting until I get everything I need, but I will not give up on this one, she looks to be holding steady and lets off a great scent. and to Familyman: the leaves fell off on there own because it wasn’t getting what it needed, I have notice it hasn’t grown anymore which is good, no more stretching… Thanks for all advice, I think my next one will do better…


if she gets more hours of light and is a photoperiod plant then she can return to veg, this is good because her stem will thicken. if she develops much more top weight her stem will snap.

i strongely suggest u get her back to veg. her growth may explode and surprise you (and everyone else)


what kind of light would you suggest!! any help is wonderful, and thanks so far for the feed back… :blush:


Oh and what is photo period? :blush:


This is your 1st plant and I have seen other plants do far worse. Let this girl get 12 hours of good light a day and let it finish. You will not get a massive amount but it will let you see for yourself the whole process from seed to harvest at least and you will get a nice few bowls for sure. Don’t give it the nutes for vegging, use nutes for flowering from here out.

Once you get the stuff you need, feel free to run your setup by us all and we will help make sure your giving yourself the best chance for a nice harvest. I have several grows journaled that progressively cover my learning curve. Look up Stomperor Bubbelicious.


there are two basic grow types. Photoperiod and autos. photos require 12 hours darkness to flower and can be held forever in veg growth if given 16+ hours light per day. Autos will flower according to their genetics regardless of how many hours of light per day. Photos are sensitive to the photoperiod, hence photos. Autos flower automatically hence autos.

within the large.groups of autos and photos there are indicas, sativas, hybrids and male, female, hermie. it gets complicated fast. If you give the plant some decent light for 16 hours a day it may return to veg growth and then would explode in growth.

but- maybe like @Stomper said just go ahead and let her finish, then start over with a better plan. we can help u grow some very nice bud


just start reading somewhere around 10k posts read itll start making sense. if u spend an hour or two a day (its easy to do) then youll find out all sorts of things u never knew u never knew. also. youll find you naturally gravitate to some philosophies andsome people, read their posts. soak it all in. you are in the best place on the internet to learn to grow cannabis. these are the best people. Ive been looking for them for 20 years. Now you have found them too.


if I don’t give it nutes, than just water only? and Is a blue light ok OR should I go with sunshine during the day and reg. light in my closet, I have a small grow light manly for herbs, $12.96 Walmart, it comes with a red light and a blue light, or a white florescence … ok. hope to hear back soon, THANK YOU Guys for the help… may the Goddess bless you both, oh! by the way, this is strictly for personal use only…


If it can get enough, nothing beats direct sunlight. The reason this plant is so tall is it wasn’t getting that. I would add the light to the window area and get the benefit of both.

Flowering nutrients add potassium and reduce nitrogen in the soil which is what buds need. As far along as this is it could finish on whatever is in the soil. No point taking a chance of burning it up with too many nutes. Less is more in this case.

For the future you will want to decide how much you need to harvest to meet personal needs (a medical patient uses about two grams per day) then we can develop your Grow room to meet the need. I live on a very fixed income so I get costs. My trick was to get one thing I needed at least every month till I had a killer personal setup.


Thank you Stomper, I am also on a fixed income, and I don’t use medical, I just want some for personal use… and Thank you again this is awesome! I will do my best…