Plant # 2 late update this is from last week

Tell me what you think and what I can do to get more out of this grow as we are wrapping up the season and I have something planned for a 300 watt small indoor grow but without further ado here she is ,first photos are last Tuesday next set are last Friday after I corrected some drainage issues that have been really messing up my progress this season but it’s been a wonderful learning experience and I can’t wait to start over next year with the knowledge I have now

and here is the next set from last Friday after a little water drainage correcting


What happened to the rest of the plant? Doesn’t look like there’s enough bud sites to be a high yielding plant. In addition, I’m wondering if you have dusted leaves with something or you may have some wpm or similar going on with your leaves.


@dbrn32 I agree with the white powdery mildew looks to be pretty obvious on the leafs if you have not dusted with something I would move forward towards 50/50 water proxide and give it a light mist. And get it under control .


It also still looks like you have a drain issue…
Every pic , the soil looks too wet…
And I agree with @dbrn32 … looks like wpm…


Neem oil leaves a white residue on leaves I’ve been told

But I will def try 50/50 and spray em

I had some bug issues lost some fan leaves and also I had to keep the plants hidden until I got the greenhouse over them so I had to keep the huge fan leaves to a minimum unfortunately :pensive:

Still tho does the pot have good drainage u need to allow you plants roots to breath if the moisture holds dmfor too long in the pot tou essentially ground your roots they need oxygen for nutrient uptake to happen over wet root will become stagnant and stunt your plant