Plant #1 is hanging!

Hi all, just looking for some second opinions on harvest timing. To my untrained eye they look milky with a little amber here and there (they’re decent quality pics, you can zoom in without much loss). From what I’ve read milky trichromes will give me an energetic high (preferred) as opposed to couch mode sleepy time.

Your thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!

Id say they are mostly milky didnt see much on the amber side
So your close I perfer around 10-20% amber myself
If your looking for a head high / energetic type high all milky is best thc is at its peak
The more amber the more couch lock as you know

Can we get a picture of the bud itself and maybe a whole plant pic

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Looks great @TALKINTOBOB
I see lots ofvwhite pistols so shell bulk up some still
Wait until the pistols are mostly brown and receding
Here mine ill chop it down in a 4-7 days
Your should look more like tjis when ready im milky 10% amber now


Dude your killing it brother :+1:

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We had a big storm with lots of rain and wind last night. This morning the buds were so weighted down the plant looked liked it was morphing into a spider. I tied it but it got me wondering if I should harvest if the branches can barely hold up the buds. Here’s a couple pics of before I tied themimage image

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Your going to have one heck of a harvest
Hope you have helpers to give you a hand at trimming time lol
I like the pool as cover :+1:

Thanks very much @Countryboyjvd1971, I’m sure I’ll have a helper or two :slight_smile:

I’ve recently learned about the pistils, but I thought the trichromes super ceded them. From what you’re saying, am I right in thinking that even though they’re milky now, they’ll stay primarily milky until the pistils turn mainly brown, then the amber begins?

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Yes after looking at your pictures again i can still see a little clear as well
I will normally start watching my tricombes when 80% or so of my pistols have turn red or brown
When they are done swelling up the pistols will recide some
Your close from what i can see a few weeks maybe less
You don’t want to short yourself lol

You can always take a sample off and dey it see where your at
It wouldn’t be at full potential that happens after the curing :wink:

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Nice use of cornhole lol.


You could always harvest some at different stages to have a variety. Daytime , nightime and can’t get off the couch.:blush:

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I took one of my big girls yesterday and got her all trimmed up. Not a bad haul at all - one down, three to go!

Here’s my booty from plant one and a pic of the bud of the next plant that will be coming down in the next couple days.

Life’s good!


What a great yield! plant! Are you doing peroxide wash before hanging? I really recommend it.

Also curious how she smokes. :slight_smile:


I didn’t do the wash because I didn’t see any signs of mould, which I thought was the main reason you do them. But I’m a noob, so? :slight_smile:

I may have sampled a bud that came off a few days before harvest, and it was great (despite not being fully dried or cured yet). Fun high, not much couch lock - just what I wanted!

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Sure I think powdery mildew is the main reason. However after washing my harvest last year I noticed these things. I had no mildew and merely wanted to remove foreign objevts, etc because my winds get 60mph easy here in desert and sling crap all over the buds.

  1. The amount of stuff that floats to the top is absolutely scary…we smoke that.
  2. Buds smelled stronger
  3. Buds were STICKY, after all dust etc removed
  4. Flushed off caterpillar feces and silk remnants, even some damn live baby caterpillars.

I would recommend washing eveeytime no matter what.
After doin it once I will forever do it.
Please try it with at least a branch from.your othrr girls, you wont be disappointed.

It also helps me here in high desert because my humidity is single digits sometimes even in fall, so it can shock them with a quick dry…so by wqshing them theyre given a bit more water to help resist it.

Sound argument, thanks for the schooling, I’m in. They’ve been hanging for a couple days now…can I still wash them? Even if I can’t with this plant I will with my other plants.

And from what I’ve read and watching the video that’s everywhere right now, to do the wash it is basically add some peroxide to a tub of water, give them some gentle dips, rinse in water and then hang? Any other tips?

Thanks very much!


Dont worry about washing the one thats cut already, may mess things up. Besides I guarantee most of us smoke dust anyway haha.

You got the idea right, though I do a more vigorous shake under water to get everything out. Make sure you drain them nice and shake excess water off. Then get them hanging like you are and point a high power fan at em to start removing that excess moisture.

Also recommend 62% boveda packs and gallon mason jars. Curing is next after drying step.

Make sure you have plenty of water and change it often. A fish net is nice to scoop all the thistles etc off the top of water.

Only tips I can stress at this point is you need all ducks in a row from this point on, and control that humidity to lower it nice and slowly to get to curing.
Do not let buds hang wet without a fan or strong breeze, they can mold still.

I use propylene glycol which is a dehumidifying agent in a tub at bottom of a big cardboard box for drying. I ha e a humidistat reading internal humidity and monitor it until it reaches under 70 then I add to jars with boveda paxks and burp often until smelll stabilizes. If you wanna see it check out last years grow journal i called it box 2.0 :slight_smile:
I tend to overcomplicatw things but I like control so yknow do as much as youre comfy with.

Tldr: control that humidity from now til smokin

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Ok, good stuff, thanks. I have the Boveda packs and jars ready to go. I do not have any direct fan on the hanging buds but there is a constantly running exhaust fan and open window. I can rig a fan to blow directly on the buds but I thought I’d seen that direct blowing air was a no no (as opposed to just ensuring air circulation), but it’s possible I’m thinking of something else…

Passive exhaust is fine for the ones that are not soaked in peroxide wash, I just meant you need one pointed directly on them to accelerate the evap of excess water (the ones you will wash)

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