Plans to start veg room

I have a viparspectra PAR600. I plan to start a strictly veg room for 4 plant.

Will the PAR600 work to veg 4 plants from seed and or start clones for a month or 2? It will be in a 3x3 grow tent.I plant to switch to a 4x4 grow tent with a 1000w MH/HPS for flowering stage. Please give me any advise. I’m using no till soil. I already have the PAR600 and I don’t plan to upgrade.

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With that light in a 3x3 you should be ok for veg


What is the draw power of your PAR600? When I use Mars led light, about 30W/SF for veg is enough.

I can check it today because it’s not setup but when I get a chance I’ll let you know