Planning to make canna-butter or oil -- is the drying process the same?

Planning to make canna-butter and/or oil infusion with the next harvest. Is the curing/drying process the same as when the weed is intended for smoking? I guess the moisture level remaining in the flowering heads would be less of a concern, because the process of making canna-butter (usually) requires adding water. The water gets separated from the butter or oil in the final product.

I don’t dry my bud when I process it for tinctures and butter. I just freeze it until I’m ready to use it. Then I decarb it and I’m good to go.

I sometimes use wet bud making simple syrup tinctures because it’s chopped super fine and constantly agitated but you should dry the excess pot and I have a feeling you’re gonna ask for the recipe here you go it makes about 3 cups(you don’t need cheesecloth)I also like this recipe because the boiling water decarb the pot so you dont get that burnt pot flavor


Thank you OldMarine and GreenSnek for your advice.

We dry and then cure in Mason jars to infinity! Better the Older it cures! Then we use the magical butter machine to make edibles (very consistent), it’s recipes never fail…be sure to decarboxilate your flower, and you can make anything, butter, coconut oil, tincture…really great for the trim and shake after harvest…harvest season brings on the edibles! Happy gardening!

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Thank you Derf. Best advice so far. I did some reading on decarb’ing (I’m a novice with edibles)… all makes sense now. Obviously, it’s best to cure and decarb the bud before making canna-butter, else the THC concentration would be much lower. I’ve seen a few recipes. They vary quite a lot in the amount of bud to use per 250g (cup) of butter. One recipe had 10 grams = 1 cup of bud. How many grams (or ounces) does a cup of bud weigh, on average. (I would have thought more than 10 grams.) I guess it depends on how firmly packed it is. Let’s say “loosely packed”.

I use an ounce of shake per 6 sticks of butter. Yes, always cure then decarb. Also, Save the butter wrappers for the sticks you make. 6 turns into 4 after processing because some gets stuck in the shake no matter how hard you squeeze… happy baking!

Thanks for fast reply! What does a “stick” of butter weigh? We don’t use that term down-under. Australia is a metric country, but I can convert ounces to grams! (1 oz = 28 g approx.)

2 sticks of butter equals 1cup, =250 ml/8oz/226 grams