Planning the first grow... (The first of a multi part series)

Also, I’m not sure the link to timber is allowed, so may be a good idea to delete just in case.

I’m plenty familiar with the timber site though, so don’t really need the link anyway. If you have specific questions, I can probably answer most of them.

Thanks a bunch for the reply! @dbrn32
Well, I have a strange situation I suppose. I planned a couple months ago to start my first grow and decided on running two plants for my first time. I already have a 5x5 tent and was going to run both my veg and flower cycles in the same tent my first go around. I’m also moving in about 9 months time so at that point I’ll have more space and will run seperate spaces for veg and flower but at the current moment, don’t have space for my ideal setup. So in essence, I’ve for the most part prepared a first grow, but plan on expanding it in the nearish future. I’m just not sure how to approach the lighting at the moment because of my migratory situation.


I gotcha, I’m glad I asked!

You have a lot of options, so whichever direction you’re most likely to go I’ll try to set you up the best I know. So you were gonna wall off a section in the 5x5 to veg in and then flower in the rest? If you have an idea of approximate size of each would probably help.

I’m sorry for not being clear enough. My entire first grow is going to take place within a 5x5 tent. Once I relocate in a few months time, I’m going to create a seperate chamber for each stage.

I’m still thinking of using the 3-4 400watt(250 watt)mars hydro lights for my 5x5 space for the time being and just Upgrade and expand once I have the extra space.

Obviously, you can do however you please. But that’s a pretty expense to plan on replacing later, isn’t it?