Planning on buying some chocolope seeds feminized


Planning on buying some chocolope seeds feminized from ilgm, I’ve tried about twenty times and it has came back unsuccessful. Then I figured out I’m suppose to call my bank to have the transaction confirmed by them before it will go through. The problem is they cannot find it, so they couldn’t confirm it. I’ve dug a little deeper and figured bitcoin would be the best alternative to safely purchasing these seeds. Can anyone make this bitcoin process any more understandable? Have you ever successfully purchased seeds using this method? Thank you


Cant help with the bitcoin thing
But have you ever considered using cash payment option
I actually find this to be the easiest
And there no paper trail that goes along with it
The seed bank and yourself are the only ones who are involved? :thinking:
Ive sent cash many times no issues 10 after getting payment received email I received beans
So about 15 days total


I know it sounds crazy at first and it felt crazy but I’ve ordered with cash and it worked great. I’m actually about to order a second time soon, just to stock up, so I don’t miss any strains that might go away in the future. I just don’t want to miss the gorilla glue and Bruce Banner. :+1::grin::deciduous_tree:Good luck with what you choose.


Nice @neckNflu i have both in my personal seed bank as well :wink:
Ive sent cash numerous time and just thinking about having to tell some jerk at the bank about a purchase is crazy imho
It’s nobody’s business what I order and from where i get it blah blah blah lol
Privacy is best imo


@Whyteboy1994 the bank declined my first try as well. After I called them and said it was ok I had to put in another order for my seeds and not went through. I have the same feelings about the bitcoin process. The reason it went through the second time was my bank now know it was not fraud the first attempt


That is bizarre. I pay with a credit card all the time and the bank only needed to confirm the payment on the first time I ordered seeds. Now it’s just like every other payment I make, no problem.


@Whyteboy1994 I was never asked what it was for or what it was I was buying


Never thought about the cash method, does sound a lot easier than all of that bitcoin mess. Ilgm offers that option when checking out? How does it work?


One minute brother yes at check out option will appear
This is off seed bank FAQ section on cash payments @Whyteboy1994

You send us cash in an envelope. We send you your order. This is the most private and anonymous way to order

You will receive our mailing address after you place your order. We will instruct you how to send the money. All currencies are accepted. Use to calculate your exchange rate to US dollars if needed.

From the US it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for the cash to arrive here. We ship your order within two business days after receiving your payment. Sending cash is very safe, there have been no lost cash payment in over 12 months.


Sounds great I’ve just got my number will be sending my letter tomorrow. As of right now I can relax thanks to you guys, thought my growing season was slipping away from me. Thank you


@Whyteboy1994, this is how I have always ordered my seeds and paid for them with no problems, netspend cards…I by mine at the dg…or any place that sends them and have them load the amount I need go home call the number on the card and active it…and you can use it anywhere for anything…it’s just like a debit card from the bank except you can use it without getting permission from who ever…this is just how I do it and get my gifts in 10 days!!


I really could not have said that any better. It was one of the main reasons I use that option.


I’ll admit when I first tried it I kind of thought I was being the biggest sucker in the world Hahaha. but I took a chance (thanks to everybody here on the Forum. You all havent steered me wrong w growing help so i trusted you all with my cash purchase option) and im glad I did.
Anyway good luck with your order and I’m sure they’ll be there before you know it. Enjoy your growing.