Planning My Second Grow



Even if I am using that space to grow just the two plants?


Yes, those two plants will quickly fill that space. You could do a single plant, fill the space, and still need more light.



I guess I will be purchasing another light then!


I suggest a Meizhi or Viparspectra.



Will a MH light solve the problem of heat and light?


Very astute of you there. It certainly could! It could also be more economical in the short term.



I may look into a MH light set up to run with the LED’s. Do you know if they consume a lot of electricity?

Just a random questions also, if I did nothing to heat up the room would the MJ just grow at a much slower rate since it is colder, or will it not grow at all?


It will still grow, but the growth will be retarded by the lack of heat. Your temps might be alright, though 60-70 would be better if possible.

The MH won’t really use too much more electricity. It’s durability that is the main concern.


One plus of adding a heater to your basement is that the heat will rise and supplement the heat in your house… :wink:


i use this



Nothing showed up :frowning:


If I have the 2 LEDs mentioned above, is there a specific MH you recommend? Or any idea if what wattage I would be looking to get?


You want roughly 312 watts total. You could probably get away with a little 150W hood. They’re roughly $65-70 ish. You can get a 300W Meizhi LED for the same price if you look around. It’ll last far longer and is definitely a better investment. If you can afford the 600W that would give you full coverage and you’d have the veg and bloom switches.



Do you think the added LED light will raise the temps enough to grow, even if it isn’t ideal temperatures?


I think you’ll be fine. You’re already pretty close to ideal.



One more question…I am looking at the 600W Meizhi LED…are Roleadro and MarsHydro brands to look at as well? Or is the Meizhi that much better?


Mars Hydro would be better, but more expensive. I am unfamiliar with Roleadro. If you’d like to compare, the two brands I recommend are Meizhi and Viparspectra.



I will do some shopping today on Amazon for a 600W LED…

Thank you!


I think you’ll find them more expensive than eBay.



I’ll check eBay as well!


I found this one with decent reviews, and it is like $50 cheaper than the Marshydro

Any input? @3high5you