Planning My First Grow


In the process of planning my 1st grow using feminized GDP from ILGM. To keep the nutrients as simple as possible, I’m thinking I can use Roots Organic Grow during veg and switch to to Bloom during flower. Will use mychorrhizal fungi and feed the dgirls with molasses. I plan to use only plain Ph water and compost tea during appropriate points during the grow.

2 questions: is this a viable strategy and how best to use and feed beneficial bacteria?

All feedback is greatly appreciated!


Welcome to forum sorry I can’t help others will be able to tho

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Sounds like you have been around someone who may know a thing or two. If so thay have sent you down the correct path. Or at least a path that I think you will be very very happy with.
I have found that a tea per week is a good amount for the way I grow. With this said K grow in 50gal grow bags. Comes out to be about 4.5 gallons per plant.
I like to add the molasses to my teas. The microbes ect. love to feed on the sugars. Looking forword to this grow :wink:
Happy growing…

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Thanks HippieRunner! I have been doing SO much research that my head begins to spin…barious forums, YouTube, etc

Happy to hear that you think my approach is sound!

I will be checking on your grows in this forum.

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Put an @ infront of the person you want to tag. That way we can follow along :slight_smile:

Pardon my ignorance @HippieRunner I’m new to these things. :nerd_face:

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Welcome to the community: I have a ILGM GDP Fem that’s 4 weeks old. I use FF soil and there FF Trio nute’s sounds like you are off to a great start.


Thanks @Deepsix! Look forward to hearing how your grow goes!