Planning first Gold Leaf grow

 Im planning my second grow waiting patiently for my Girl scout cookies extreme trichomes to start turning cloudy is the beginning of week #9 of flower and 2nd week using only PH balanced water. 
 Gold Leaf is going to be my second ever grow and since I have a 4x4x7 grow tent I'm going to try the screen of green method. My question is how many plants realistically should I use? Have 4 GSCE presenty also how much vegetation time do I allow for the Scrog method? I appreciate eny feed back. 1970Cuda

What’s your lighting situation

I use kind a Kind L600 & platinum P300 for veg. And for flower I use kind 750 XL and a platinum P900

I’ve got an ilgm goldleaf outside right now. She’s in a 30 gal container and about 7’ tall. Can’t wait for the buds. So far it’s been an easy grow.
She’s 3rd from the left.


Looking very good! Look forward to seeing those buds!

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Me too.

If you’re not experienced running a scrog, I would suggest 1 plant per screen. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t build 4 small screens, or a number of other things. But having multiple plants trained to the same screen can be a bit nerve wracking. It opens door to a lot of potential issues with plants growing at different rates and having different harvest requirements.

If you already have 4 plants going, I would consider maybe just going a round or two of topping and some low stress training. The 4 plants can fill a 4x4 pretty easily, and would probably be a smoother grow. Then maybe try to scrog a plant or two on your next grow.


Thankyou for your advice it’s much appreciated!

On my research on Gold Leaf it has a tendency to grow very tall, if I put 4 in my 4x4 tent how long do you reccomend I vegetated them before the switch to flower.