Planning a GGTent 4x4 or 5x5, which HLG light? 650R or 600

Hello beautiful people :star_struck: I set my eyes on an upgrade and want to get either the GGTent 4x4 or GGTent 5x5. I’m looking at the HLG brand lights because after stalking the forum they seem to be the “Apple” of grow lights. If there’s a grow light please speak up! This is the planning phase! hThe HLG 650R specs and 600 specs are below


I have a 4x4 tent with a 600 Rspec… Excellent results with four plants.

I also had the HLG 30 UVA & Flowering Initiator Far Red bulb and a couple UVB lights in there as well.

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Do you wish you had two smaller lights like the 350R or 300L?

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If u get the 5x5 go with the scorpion diablo. Badazz light and would do some nice work in a 5x5

Northern scrogger has a rent and light setups also all samsung lm301h chips meanwell drivers. Tents are sweet looking black outside and white inside. Lights r sweet also and fair priced

Hmmmmm… Kind of… Would be nice to spread out a bit… But… Ultimately, I had very little larf and the 30 UVA connects to the 600 Rspec.

I don’t have experience with the 650R or 350R. I also have a 4x4 with the 300L Bspec and don’t think a 4x4 needs more for veg.

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That’s what I was thinking about. Is this too much light for the 4x4? 5x5?

:man_facepalming: they are very good lights. Probably too good to be compared to Apple products lol.


Again… For a 4x4 i found it to be perfect.
I don’t know about a 5x5. However the hlg website lists the flowering footprint at 28" is 5’x5’.