Planning 4th Grow With A Different Set up. Insight Appreciated!

My former 3 grows have been indoor DWC but am changing it up this time. I plan to grow in straight perlite using fabric bags. Currently growing another medicinal using this method so have gotten a feel for. But for the upcoming ladies would like to add another twist… Am considering starting them in net pots filled with Hydroton for stability and ease of repotting. After sufficient root development and size they will go into 2 gallon fabric pots… final container will be 5-7 gallon. I’ve researched all over but can’t find info on using netpots in a soiless hydro medium. All feedback is deeply appreciated. Sorry if this isn’t formatted correctly but I’m on mobile (not used to that) :wink::herb:


I don’t see what using a net pot would hurt. But feel like using normal pots would be a lot easier since you plan on doing multiple transplants

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Hey drbn thanks for stopping by. I thought about using Hempy buckets but after using these smart pots for about a month with my other medical grow I am really liking them… took getting used to because I’m used to grows in DWC so this is quite a change for me. Even though it’s soilless still has that feel to it so that’s why I’m doing all the transplants… I was always taught to move up sizes as roots grow?? IDK. is that really true? But I wasn’t sure about the net pots and no info out there. 🤷 Will probably pop them next week and get a journal going again. :herb::v::herb:


I don’t have issues with any of them, or putting up. I was just thinking from a standpoint of actually making the transplants, that it would be more difficult to do that way. In my experience transplanting from standard nursery pots is the easiest. Then when going to final pot using something like fabric at that point would make sense.

I’m sure you can make it work, just giving some feedback on what would probably be easiest