Plan for second grow


Reuploding it here


You’d want bigger than a single 320 kit for 4’5"² tent. Two of the 320 kits would probably be pretty good. Doing 9 plants in there is possible, as long as you don’t mind getting them to flower relatively early and having to navigate the tent.

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Oh okay good to know. I’m heading because I don’t know where I can expect bigger yields in 4 plants with 5 gal or 9 with 4 gal


Tho I was thinking of the same getting another 320 yes. They hard to get groweslight is sold out like hell lol

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Im jealous of your big tent lol I wish I could have a bigger space

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What do you mean with navigate the tent


They aren’t even that expsensive. I could send you some links to some cheap ones


Probably the latter if managed properly.


Im not worried about the price. I just have no room for it. Its still illegal for me and my kids have prying eyes and hands so I have to stay outta sight. Otherwise I woulda converted an entire guest bedroom into a grow room haha


False walls, be surprised what you can hide :grin:

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Oh dann u live in Europe too right lol
I would convert my entire basement to a Growbox. I was seeing these 10inchesx20inches Growbox tho they will eat up mine like your kids food lol.
I would tell me kids how to care about the plants I guess I’m a bad dad lol

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Nah I live in good ole bald eagle land.

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And you think I yield more with 9 than with 4 ?

Thanks btw

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Thats some slang I never heard before lol

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Haha gotta change it up

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So bud, tell me would you go for 9 in 4gal or 4 5gal I could also go for 9 in 5 gal, Im thinking about doing Scrog


I’ve never grown that amount at once…yet lol


Me neither so I will just go with 4 or 6


Hay @dbrn32
Its really hard to find a 320W Xw are they just sold out right now?

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Hlg says they have them

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