Plain soil recommendations

Do any local places like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart or any other common chain places sell soil that doesn’t have added nutrients?

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Watching. I’m in need soon myself. Not so much needing no nutes but have looked at all the places you mentioned. Seems like everything has something in it not to mention my area only carries soil seasonally and I need it year around. Found pro mix locally available long term but not familiar with it.

Go to Fox Farms website and look up local sellers.
Their soil is a great choice

I’m using ff original now and was going to pick up ffof but not available locally till next spring already sold out and shipping cost is nuts. Plus the OP is looking for something with no nutes. Ty

Menards reliably has my mix ingredients (my home depot didn’t have good peat moss but might just be that 1 store) my mix is 1/3 peat moss 1/3 compost (preferably mushroom) 2/9 perlite 1/9 vermiculite

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I looked at every option at all those stores. Not that I could find. Why do you want it anyway out of curiosity?

I would recommend going to a local nursery or something like that and see if they offer a loam/compost soil mix. You’re probably not going to find much bagged medium that doesn’t have some form of an enhancement to it.

Promix is best I’ve found so far. Minimal nutes that you need to add your own