Placing a plant in the window late in flower

I have plants almost ready at 53 days of flower on a fast flowering strain breeder says 42 to 49 days what effect will placing them in a low light window because I moved them out of the tent for an emergency and can’t get them back in so my question is will they still mature like this

In a window? They will not mature as much but that’s obvious will they mature enough? Really hard to say…depends on so many factors

Is it an east west facing window or north south?

Big ass bay window, or small window?

Pics might helping both plant and window, but I would not get my hopes too far up for much more progress

Agreed with @Mr_Wormwood

Not much light but it’s a big window huge bay window so I should just chop it ?

Can you post pictures

It’s shaded light

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Can you get a close up of the trichomes would help us better

I can’t ever tell cause my eyes suck I have a magnifying deal I just can’t use it right

Can you zoom when taking pic from fone

I’m guessing you still have 3-4 weeks. They won’t do well there.

Pistils aren’t even mature yet.



Yeah you have around 4 weeks imo you need those under a light or you will end up with issues or even worse losing them

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Those pictures look much better. Still. Maybe a few weeks.

Is there a reason you removed them from the original grow area? They are looking great.

Guessing outside is out of the question
Beautiful bud structure
Just need more time in the “sun”