Placed order for bank exchange


I placed an order and clicked on bank exchange in which I am supposed to receive an email explaining how to fulfill my obligation. That was last Saturday. I contacted customer support on Wednesday. I even sent in a personal message on FB page and haven’t had a response from any of these attempts. I have really enjoyed the site and have done a lot of visiting, reading, and chatting. The people here appear to be excellent and some I chat with it seems we were buddies in the old days and have just seen each other after 40 years. But if i can’t get seeds what’s the point? The only people I have interacted with are on forums and I am surprised how fast topics that i have created get response. But I am starting to have doubts about the company itself. I should have had an email or some sort of response Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.


I am surprised that you are having difficulty I have never done the bank exchange but always have been happy with the customer service . I am sure it will work out for you


They’ve been great for me. I found that zelle works best for me. Look in your email spam/junk folder to be sure their response isn’t there.


Wow, completely my fault. They have answered and I was looking in the wrong place. I thought I had two sections in my email… inbox and other. come to find out… junk is not in other it is a section by itself DOH! lol I will take care of this tomorrow.


Maybe you should just try to delete your first post. Mestaakes happen. lol


Hey @mtmaremach, I had thought to cancel the order and try again but am glad I didn’t. Wouldn’t have made a difference. Their email went directly to my junk mail folder and I didn’t know i had a junk mail folder until i looked into it on my puter. I thought junk mail was part of my "other’ section of my mail but it’s not. There was a response from both the company for the seeds and from the customer support group for my ticket. All is well and good and i’m within 4 miles of a Bank of America. I will have to wait until tomorrow to go take care of it though as it is minus seventeen degrees F and i’m not going out in it. Thanks a bunch @JimmyBeam:blush:


I’m not pointing a finger, I only know about it from personal experience. :slight_smile:


Once again, if you do have online bank access, you might be able to send funds with Zelle. It’s really handy.


What option do you use when paying with Zelle?


@Bubblehead Zelle is part of the pay by bank draft or transfer choices. It is part of the online payment thing.