PK boost and G10

Do these two nutrients serve the same purpose and or serve different ones? If you’re using PK boost, do you still want to use the G10?


Who makes the pk boost? G10 doesn’t appear to have much for potassium in it. So if that’s what you’re looking for, would need a separate product.

The supplemental bottles can be tricky because they are usually designed to work within their own line of nutrients. The recipes are tweaked to work in conjunction with each manufacturers base nutrients and other supplements. You can absolutely mix them, but you need to be careful as final npk ratio and solution strength varies from one line to the next.

Thank you.

I thought it was kind of redundant by looking at the ratio but wasn’t sure.

Hydrodynamics Ionic PK is what I’ve been using and G10 is what I had left from the last grow.

Thanks for clearing that up @dbrn32 :love_you_gesture:

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You may be able to run them together. I would just start with small amounts if you try.

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