Pk and boost confusion

Hi I’m growing in coco using canna a and b canna calmag sometimes other things but lets keep if short. I’m told to give pk at day 20 for 10 days. Others say different.

  1. Can you use pk twice. Like week 3 and again week 7
    2 how should it be addressed.
    Some products have different time schedules and npk ratios
    3 boosters. I’m getting em confused with the pk boost. Please help. Apart from the base and calmag how do you feed
    What can be mixed what will cancel the other. I’m a newbie do gk easy but it’s confusing. What will happen if you have too much pk for too long. What do you do?
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Pk boost or bloom boost right?? Should be used in flower to boost the pk part of the nutrients. Nitrogen is not needed as much as pk is in flower but still need to add N into the mix a bit. Find the canna coco feed chart for the nutes u have on google and run by that and just adjust as u see things needed. Or deleted.

Pk 13/14 and canna boost are two entirely different products. Imo the pk 13/14 isn’t a great product and doesn’t seem to be even a good product the way canna suggests it be used. A lot of canna users omit it altogether, or replace with different products for early or later in flower.

Canna boost is designed to be used from time flowers start forming to end of flowering. It has very small amount of monopotassium phosphate, but is more widely known as a carb load and having triacontanol. Is looked upon by many as crown jewel of canna nutrients.

If you go to canna website you can download a schedule for your type of growing.