Pistols turning brown

I have two that started flowering on the 15th of may. I noticed some of the pistols turning brown on the two older ladies. Does this look normal?


read the GUIDES for info


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Normal for pistils to start turning brown as they get near harvest time.


That’s what I was thinking. It just seems to be sporadic. Thanks for the response


I’ve read articles that claim once you start to see an even amount start to show up throughout the plant. You are looking at 3-4 weeks til you will be harvesting. Haven’t documented this in my grows to say if that’s true or not but something to go by. Id start checking trichomes at the end of that 3-4 weeks to see

Good deal. I’m fixing to order a usb microscope size I can keep a close eye on them


usb microscopes are heaps of fun but get a good one.

Yum Yum !

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Any recommendations?

I live in the UK and BRESSER was a good price, the Bresser Junior would do or if you have deep pockets this is a reliable and robust scope .


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I flipped the lights on May 8th. So 7 weeks in flower. Trics are almost all amber on the buds. Looks like I may have let it go too long. I never would’ve thought it would be done at 7 weeks


I got that part, I was thinking that 7 weeks in flower seemed a little short

maybe you are a great gardener. :man_farmer:

:joy: more like dumb luck.

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I am at 14 weeks and 4 days growing Bergmans Gold Leaf Autos in a sun only heated greenhouse and checking trichomes daily with an electronic kids microscope and my Trich’s are clear as clear can be … :crying_cat_face:

Yea i was planning on it being more than 9 weeks. I really just checked them out of the blue. But this is my first grow so it’s all a learning experience.
14 weeks,all good things come to Those who wait.

Is it just the top buds ? if so , harvest them andl let the energy pump up the lower colas.
I am very interested to know what strain / name your plant is also is the straw to reduce evaporation ? …so many questions .

That is agent Orange from ILGM. I checked upper and lower buds. Majority amber on everything. My super lemon haze is cloudy with some amber so it’s also ready.
Yea I did all RO water and compost teas for this grow. The straw is supposed to keep the soil moist for the microbes. It’s my first grow so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

You are a fine pot Grower !

Agent Orange…I shall seek this one out as ILGM does not ship to the UK anymore…thanx for the info.

Thank you. I had never heard of this strain before. Hopefully next round goes a better