Pistols beginning to show now what?

Newbie here. I don’t know if I have Autoflower seeds or not. However just recently I have begun to see the pistols appearing on my plants. Does this mean I have Autoflower? Is it time to switch to 12/12 with the lighting? I am a newbie and I might be in over my head. Someone please throw me a life jacket. All in all the plants look great, having a lot of fun, I just need to know what to do next.


It could be preflowers. With out pictures it’s anyone’s guess.
If you have preflowers, it’ll likely start flowering soon.
Happy growing! :seedling:


Yeah as mentioned post a picture will be a great help. lots of growers here to lend a hand.
Happy growing ! Welcome


And I’ll add that if it is an autoflower you don’t switch to 12/12 I keep mine at 18/6. How old is the plant? And I agree that a picture would help


Thanks for getting back. Attached photos includes two closeups. Not sure if I bought Autoflower seeds or not and unfortunately I have no way of going back and inquiring. Next time I’ll stop better. This is week 8 of veg. And once again first time growing our next time I’ll keep better notes and hopefully have better success. Your help is greatly appreciated


If that’s 8 weeks I don’t think it’s an auto. Just a mature photo ready to be flipped to 12/12 when you are ready.

You’ve got your space pretty well filled out for Veg. If that were me I’d flip the lights.


DID you get a chance to look at the pictures?

did you get a chance to look at the pictures

I would say they’re photos. Looks like they’re just showing signs of maturity. But, if i may add, flipping to 12/12 soon may be a good idea. Otherwise, that tent is going to be pretty crowded.

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You could tie some more branches down, if you want more vertical space.

I didn’t realize that they were 8 weeks old, they’re photoperiod 4sure. Those things sticking out are stipules not pistils. Here’s a pic I scribbled on the blue is leave stems the yellow is the main stem or a branch it shows male n female parts and the stipules